Sumptuous Sunday/B Hotel

It’s ate‘s UPCAT exam today. She & my hunny left very early to get to U.P. Diliman for the entrance test. 7am-12nn! 5 long hours!!! @_@

She really really wants to get in & has been nagging me to pray unceasingly! ;) When I told her i DO pray, she said Mom, you’re so manipulative!!! Are you sure you’re praying I get into UP or just to UST??? Pray that I get into U.P.!!! Hello??? Sheeesh! @_@

Anyway, since it will just be me & the 2 kids, we decided to eat out (shhhh! Ate will be SO pissed!!! ;P). So, we had brunch at the new B hotel across our church & see what’s up with this boutique hotel.

My plate
Food choices were really VERY LIMITED :( Well, for 450/person what did I expect, really? ;P
They had congee, salad, cereal, tapa & fish fillet (main dishes), pasta, egg served the way you liked, bacon.
That’s about it. Oh, and coffee/mango juice & fruits.
But what’s important is we ate as a family on a beautiful sunday morning! <3
This will always be non-negotiable for me. Church & family time every sunday.
I don’t care if they have lakad with their friends.
Sunday will always be church & family day. They have the rest of the week for friends.
It’s good that coffee & juice were included.
What’s breakfast without coffee? :P
I had an omelette with everything.
The kids liked their eggs scrambled.
Fresh fruits for dessert.
Unfortunately, the kids don’t eat fruits hehe!
Well, they do mango, grapes & saging. But not the ones above.
I am really such an usisera!!! @_@
And we had some time to kill, so I asked to be given a tour hehe!
This is what a regular room looks like. 4k/night. Roomy enough.

Regular room with double beds instead of a queen.
We were also shown the suite. Hehe siguro akala pang-suite ang beauty ko! :P
6k/night. Not bad.
The suite has a bathtub (as if naman i’ll use it knowing how many used it before me, yuck!)

The living room inside the suite..
and the mini-kitchen.

Meanwhile, ate & daddy had their own bonding moment. Ate had a mini-meltdown & cried her heart out due to stress as soon as they got there! @_@

A sneak at ate’s testing room!
Those seats sure don’t look comfy! @_@

Here are some pics of their bonding moment.. <3

at Banapple!
Hickory BBQ ribs
Chicken steak with milk-shroom gravy & bacon
Their food actually looks better than our brunch, teehee! :P 
My hunny ready to attack his pie! :)) 

I asked ate how her test went. She said math was easy but science was kinda hard. And nothing that she reviewed came out. What’s important ate, is that you did your best. God will do the rest. Trust Him, He knows what’s best for you. And if it happens to be UST, I swear I didn’t manipulate Him, hehe!!! :P

Oh! And look at what ate gave me as pasalubong!!! <3 <3 <3

My very own banoffee pie!!! <3 Mine! Mine! Mine! :P 
nom nom nom!!!
Nope. These are not for me. Her dad bought her these.
Coz they’re MUCH CLOSER now, having bonded & all! :P (jealous!)
Having said that, I’m really glad you & daddy got to bond ate.
But I’m still your favorite. DON’T FORGET THAT! <3
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