Sumptuous Sunday/ATC Badminton Tournament

Turned out to be such a beautiful sunday morning today! :) The sun was shining and not a single black cloud in the sky! Went to morning service, then proceeded to the mall for the last leg of our sponsored tournament.

It’s our 3rd year! Every year more participated than the last, which is definitely a good sign that badminton is still here to stay, even though a lot of other sports like running & biking have become extremely popular.

With the winners of the ladies doubles.

The tournament started last weekend at our court for the elimination round.. quite a big turn out! Saturday alone, the tournament which started at 7 in the morning, finished at 4 the following morning! @_@
Getting ready for the tournament.. spic & span! ;))
Taken early morning last saturday.
Kids division (age group)
Too bad my kids have no interest in badminton whatsoever! @_@
Then, picked up my Mom to bring her for a doctor’s consult. I’m glad it’s nothing serious. I wish she’d slow down a bit, she’s not as young as she thinks she is anymore! @_@
Lunch was a happy affair today, my Mom joined us which is such a treat for me… somewhat stressful coz she’s such an active person who can’t sit still & has to always be on top of things. But still a treat, haha! <3
Vegetable salad
Baked salmon, garnished so beautifully! :)
I think I might need to give my cook a raise pretty soon!
Super yummy roast beef!!! <3 <3 <3
Yes, I definitely have to give her a raise SOON! ;)
My plate!!! <3
Lunch with my mommy, such a happy treat! <3
And just look at our dessert!!! It really is TO DIE FOR!!! @_@
Macadamia sans rival by Gay Vasquez. THE BEST!!!
You really really have to try this out!!! 900 pesos. Order now! :)
And guess what??? Bazaars are here once again!!! m/ We are just so excited & looking forward to happy weekends until December. On another hand.. my poor pockets! :'((
For a video of our service today by Pastor Nathan Leigh on the Principle of Purity, please click here!
Have a great week ahead, everyone! :-*
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