Sumptuous Sunday/Almost Christmas Bazaar

For lunch today, we had our all time favorites…

Creamy Carbonara..
Shrimp Potato Salad…
Roast Beef..
and ice-cold Tea! <3
My happy meal! ;)

What could be more perfect? Food for the soul & food for the body on a beautiful sunday morning! <3 Our speaker today was no-nonsense pastor, Nathan Leigh, on “Escaping from the Pit of Despair”. Click HERE for a video of his topic.

As I promised, here are some photos from this weekend’s bazaar..

Tree skirts..
and lovely CHRISTmas villages.. less than 1k each. But kalat to the house, really.
This one also MAJOR KALAT haha, but I couldn’t resist buying for my ate’s paintings.
I bought 4 antique gold stands of various sizes.
 2 big (1,5 each) & two small (1,3 each)
A steal from the original price of 5k & 4.5k respectively.
Tada!!! Just perfect for our bare wall to showcase ate’s paintings.
And so coordinated with my decor & theme! <3
I just took off the 3rd leg on each & added wires so I could hang them.
This way I can alternate all her future paintings!!! ;)
Sosi brownies which I bought to give to our sosi neighbors.
100/pc. but if you get a box of 6 you get 1 free.
My lovey & I tried them and they passed our very high standards! ;))
Hand-painted shirts at 900.
Kinda pricey, but it’s one of a kind.
I’ll just ask ate to make me one! ;)
Fruit wines, perfect to give as gifts.
300 (teeny tiny bottle) & up.
Colorful rings at below 100! What a steal!!! <3
Air fresheners. Cute sana but I really didn’t like the scent.
Zara overruns. My lovey got 2 at 300 each. Not bad, we LOVE dogs!!! <3
Sooooo cute!! Ate bought this for her friend who was celebrating his birthday.
250 php.
Could have gotten it a little lower had she known how to make PROPER tawad!!! @_@
Wall clocks perfect for the kitchen. 900 php each.
And look who we saw selling ice cream sandwiches..
MAX!!! Lovey’s classmate! :)
Naturally, we got a box. 900 php for a box of 36.

More next week from the Zonta Bazaar. Do try to go if you get the chance! Have a great week ahead, everyone!!! :)

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