Sumptuous Sunday

I have decided to use SUMPTUOUS SUNDAY as title for my Sunday blogs! :) Because aside from the soul-feeding we get weekly from church, we also look forward to our sunday lunch, yum!! :))

It’s so stressful to eat out during the weekends, especially sundays after church. You have to fight for a table (AND PARKING!!).. vie for the waiter’s attention.. wait for hours on end for your food to come.. and worst of all: endure the wailing, screaming & chair-kicking of kids seated behind you.. And generally turn what should have been a relaxing lunch after church a very stressful one! @_@

So we gave up on sunday lunch out. But we make sure that the kids have something to look forward to going back home from the service, since we did drag them out of bed early to go to church with us! ;P

Today, we had… TACOS!!! <3

The kids seldom NEVER see me in the kitchen, haha! :P
So doing this deserves a spot in my blog!
Grating cheese is as far as I go! :P
My lovey helps in shredding chopping the lettuce.
Tada.. ingredients for our make-your-own taco! <3
Step-by-step guide to taco making, hahaha! ;))
Oh, we also had baked spaghetti. We are heavy eaters.. tacos are NOT ENOUGH! ;))
My hunny & I getting ready to get down & messy!
Ready.. get set???
(incline head).. GO!!!! :))
Eeewwww.. my baby son decides to take matters further & makes spaghetti taco! (blech!)
But he seemed to enjoy it!
I definitely enjoyed mine!!! <3

Happy sunday, everyone! :-*

We missed you today, Virginia :( We made tacos and you weren’t there. We had lunch and no one begged for table scraps! We will be missing you for a very long time. :(( We love you, goodnight baby :-*

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