Sumptuous Sunday

It rained the whole day, so going to the bazaar was out of the question. All of us have the sniffles already so I have to take extra precautions!! And we were out the whole day yesterday… so ruined na my panata to keep you posted of the AAV bazaars for the whole duration, sniff. Sorryyyyyyy!!! :((

So so sorry!! :((
This was the bazaar this weekend boohoo!!!

I promise next week rain or shine I will go & take pictures! ;) Hey.. Next next week is the ZONTA carnivale bazaar ha, so you really must go if you can, guaranteed to be fun, and not as crowded as the St. James bazaar. They even have dog contests!!! So do bring your pooch.. just not during the early afternoons -super hot!!! <3

Anyway, we had a guest pastor from the CCF-Las Pinas branch today. Pastor Albert Pelea. For those in my era, you probably know Esperanza’s flower shop? He is the son of the owner & they have a farm-cum-dining establishment in Laguna. Btw, for videos of past topics, CLICK HERE.  CCF shuffles and lends out their pastors to each branch occasionally so we get the chance to meet all the CCF pastors -which is nice! :)
For lunch we had..

Baked baby potatoes..
and rib-eye steak.
A new item from our meat shop so we gave it a try.
My plate! :) Salad would have been nice.
and our dessert! L-O-V-E!!! The icing is meringue-ish!! m/

I’ve been lazy lately, if you have noticed. Please do bear with me. Since I made my blog private, my lack of readers isn’t exactly inspiring hahaha! :P I’m figuring out a way on how I can get inspired again! ;)

Have a great week ahead everyone!!! :-*
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    Aww, I love your posts…and I did notice. :) Keep blogging!

    December 6, 2011 at 5:23 am
  • Reply Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

    Thank you, Trisha. You're so sweet talaga. <3 I love you!!!! :-*

    December 6, 2011 at 2:11 pm
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