Sumptuous Sunday

Pastor Nate was our speaker for today. Topic was ALONE vs. LONELINESS. He also showed a short film clip on how even turtles need friends. (One overturned & the other helped him get back on his feet. Soooo cute -naturally, I teared haha!) Watch THIS, I  swear it will bring tears to your eyes as well! :P

Lately, friendship has been sore subject to me & a struggle with my kids. How I pray that God will give them true friends who be good influence in their lives, will love them & stay true & loyal to them come what may. I also pray that God will imbibe in them qualities that will make them good, loving, caring friends as well. Love begets love.

I’m such a poor peg on friendship since I mostly spend all hours & waking moments with my family. I’m so content & filled with just my husband and kids in my world that most of the time I don’t have room for anyone else. Maybe this is why the kids are also so focused on me that they would rather spend time with me as well.

I just want them to have best friends who can be their family when I’m not around. But maybe that’s asking for too much? Finding your best friend, after all, is like finding your soulmate. I don’t think everybody gets to find their soulmate twice…

Do you know that penguins mate for life? Yes, they are monogamous.
I wish that my kids will find their own penguins.
Best friends who will remain constant & true through the years.

Moving on.. We’re having a fun lunch today!!! :) As much as possible, I try to infuse happy childhood memories for my kids to remember when they have families of their own. I want them to know that their mommy loved them so much to care to give them fun, happy memories! <3

So today, I decided we’d have an indoor picnic, because it’s really really hot outdoors! @_@ Even burgers & hotdogs can be fun when you put a little effort into it! ;)

Since we don’t do thanksgiving -or turkeys for that matter, burgers & hotdogs is as american as we can get haha!

We’re so low-tech when it comes to grilling haha!
I have yet to convince my honey to invest in a nice griller!

Our thick, juicy, cheese infused burgers!!! <3
and cheese infused hungarian dogs as well hahaha!!
Hindi halata that we love cheese!!! <3

Condiments & wine! ;)

My happy kids.. super hungry na!
Indoor picnic in the cool & shaded comfort of our living room haha! ;) 
1st batch.. BURGERS!!! <3 <3 <3
2nd batch: Hungarian dogs!!! <3 <3 <3
Still stuffing ourselves with hotdogs after a generous heap of burger!
On another note, tomorrow is my babyson’s birthday!!! He’s turning 14!! You continue to bring so much joy to your dad & me. Keep it up, sweetheart. We love you oh so much!!! :-*
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