Sumptuous Sunday

We had pastor Joby Soriano as speaker today. He is one of our favorites! <3

His topic today was GRATITUDE CHANGES OUR ATTITUDE. Gratitude is not a feeling that dictates our choice, but a choice that affects our feelings.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

New International Version (NIV)
18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Halfway through his message, he showed us a video clipping of an accident in the highway (SLEX) that happened June 19, 2011. This was caught by a CCTV camera. The driver of a car who missed a turn was backing up (yes, BACKING UP) in the highway. A van (whose passengers came from a team building in batangas) speeding towards his direction didn’t notice him backing up & crashed into it.

The passenger seated in front of the van was a member of CCF church. She was trapped amidst heavy steel for almost an hour. Mercifully, she was finally freed & brought to Asian hospital. Unfortunately, her right leg had to be amputated after several painful attempts to save it. :((

As she gave her testimony, you can see women (& some men) with tears flowing on their faces. I was among them. Maria Isabel “Ysa” Trinidad is at the prime of her life, so active & energetic… And in an instant, because of a careless driver, she lost her leg!

Happy & carefree before..
Still happy & carefree today.. by God’s grace! <3

But what touched us the most was how she was still grateful to God in spite of her trial. Only a true mature christian who has a deep relationship with the Lord can do that, through God’s grace.

She was grateful that her life was spared. Grateful that because of the accident, she was able to bring her loved ones to the Lord, they have accepted HIM as their personal Lord & Savior because of the faith that Ysa has showed throughout her ordeal. Now, she is praying for financial provisions for a prosthesis. I know in my heart that God will give her one soon!

Most of the time, we are grateful to God for answered favors. But what about trials? This opened my eyes & heart to the truth that we are indeed selfish to a selfless God.

Dear God, please give me a grateful heart, that I would be thankful for everything. Not just the good. Thank you Lord for the gift of health for each of my family members. For another year in my Mom’s life Lord, and for keeping her strong & alert still in spite of turning 80 next week. For my wonderful husband who still makes me smile & makes my heart flutter after all these years. For the gift of my 3 beautiful, perfect children who give me so much joy. For the comfort & luxury that we have & often times take for granted. For the freedom we enjoy. To just be able to stop in our tracks & breathe in clean air and see the beautiful sights & creations that You alone have made.

May we always be grateful to You Lord, for all that You do and all that You give. For all the You are. <3

Our sunday lunch… ;)

Misua.. thin, fine noodles with a mixture of meat, egg & veggie toppings.
(pork) patatim with shitake mushroom
The kids’ favorite.. string beans! :)
and finally.. Tuna Panga. Yummm!! <3
My full plate haha! ;P
Healthy dessert. Papaya! ;)
But not for the kids. They don’t like fruits! ;P

Have a great week ahead, everyone! :-*

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