Sumptuous Sunday

It’s CCF’s 27th anniversary today!!! :) Topic was Pursue Intimacy with God by Pastor Peter Tan Chi.

Allow me to share with you the Prayer Mountain & Retreat Center that is in it’s final stages!!! :) The facilities of the new Worship and Training Center in Frontera Verde C-5 will be used in light of God’s vision for CCF, in transforming lives and communities throughout the Philippines, Asia, and the world!

This building is funded through donations & pledges of CCF members. Isn’t God’s grace amazing??? :)

To know more about CCF, please click here

Meanwhile, aside from food for the soul, we also indulged in food for the body! :P

Roast beef (Awww, Jinia, your favorite!!!)
Steamed Baguio Beans (soooo crunchy! Perfect pair for the roast beef!)
Buttered vegetables
Inihaw na Baboy
Tuna panga

And to cap it off, we had coffee crumble ice cream in the special rotating cone hahaha! :P

My lovey enjoying ice cream on her rotating cone! :P

As a post script, I would just like to mention that the 2 older kids are going gaga over KWEK-KWEKs!!! @_@. Before going home from church, they practically begged us to stop at the grocery for some of those orange stuff!

Kwek-kwek (or Kwekwek) is a kind of food commonly sold along the streets of Manila
and many other places in the Philippines. It is made up of hard-boiled chicken eggs
individually wrapped in orange-tinted batter, which are then fried until golden brown.

Ate so happy with her kwek-kweks OMG!
That’s super high in cholesterol. STOP EEEETTTTT!!! :((
You too!!! STOP EEETTTTT!!!
That’s your last kwek-kwek I swear!! :P

Have a great week ahead, everyone! <3

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