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Summer MIKE-over x Fowlbread

“Mommy please can we have our hair colored in time for summer?” Seryoso? The girls have such long, beautiful, shiny, healthy hair. I was apprehensive at having it touched.. again. But they nagged & nagged day in & day out that I finally relented. How else can they learn their lesson except for trial & error, right?

They seem to have selective amnesia though. They had their hair colored around 3-4 years ago, and the result was ok -for a while. After the excitement died down and the color faded, their hair turned dry & brittle after having been bleached & coated repeatedly with chemicals. So we had it dyed back to its original color & treated until their crowning glory went back to its pre-abused state.

Ngayon, hayan na naman sila. Nangungulit. What is a mother to do but oblige. So after our anniversary brunch at Crystal Jade Dining In, we proceeded to the South of Market building just a stone’s throw away for the new summer look..

Hairshaft Fort BGC

Ground Floor,26th st 11th Avenue, South of Market Condominium, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (02) 856-7547 / 0920-906-0828
Facebook Mike:


Ate got a reco from her friend who tried this salon & had good results. As you may already know, Ate is SUPER arte when it comes to her hair, face, and body. Hindi yan basta-basta. So when she opted to come to a practically untested Salon for a MAJOR hair overhaul, I was the one who got uber nervous. Hindi kaya ng powers kong ibalik ang nakaraan! Damay pa ang kapatid nya, zomg. If only I could have offered myself as a guinea pig, I would have. Alas, the state of my very thin hair posed a big challenge. Hindi keri. @_@

PicMonkey Collage1

And so, the MIKE-over started.. with Mike the hairdresser. :P To be honest, I had my apprehensions the moment I saw the inside. There was only ONE senior hairdresser. I asked to see his work, nasa IG daw lahat..




Mike said 3+ hours. The waiting game began.

PicMonkey Collage2

He bleached the girls’ hair, I hoped for the best. Aaaack! Unfortunately, the first time around, the result didn’t come out as expected. Mike had to re-do the process again. Another 3+ hours, another session of bleaching because the initial result came out dark. Parang walang nangyari. After almost 7 hours, the result became somewhat acceptable. Not the color we had hoped, but you can never tell these things -coming from a jet black hair. Hindi talaga makukuha ang eksaktong resulta na gusto mo.


Hairshaft salon charged me 6k for each girl for several layers of coloring. Madugo, parang gusto kong inumin yung bleach, lels. To be fair, Mike gave the girls complimentary Vita-Ciment hair treatments after he saw my face. I-bleach ba naman ng 3 beses ang buhok ng anak mo, matuwa ka?


FINALLY!!! Natapos din! Photo session of their before & after.


Voila 1.. So far, masaya naman sila.


Voila 2.. she was gunning for gray hair. Ash blonde lumabas. Oh well. The color suits you naman Bae, even if it’s not gray. :-* Those eyes doe! ;) Mapungay na mapang-akit! My little enchantress.

Even though we had a dimsum buffet for lunch, the girls & I felt the pangs of hunger, having endured almost 7 hours on the hot seat. It was a Saturday night so we braced ourselves for a full night in all restos.

Luckily, we chanced upon an empty table as we were hunting for a place to eat in this newly-opened little sandwich shop by the same people who brought to us Hole in the Wall..

Fowlbread Sandwich Shop

B3 Unit 778, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City


The place is really teeny tiny, best suited for take-outs.



On its soft opening, the menu has a very limited choice of either a chicken sandwich, or garlic noodles. beggars can’t be choosers. And we were very famished beggars. All of the above please? ;P


The inside has around 4-5 tables.


This pretty girl has decided to go full vegan. Stress sa chest! Whereas before she just controlled her food intake, now she has totally banished all forms of meat from her diet (beef, chicken and yes, even fish!). Malapit na akong mabaliw thinking of what to feed this very complex child of mine! @_@


Uh-huh, I need a support group. STAT!



As you can see, that’s a crunchy chicken skin on top of my chicken burger. Yuuum! <3 This is why I can never go vegan. Masyadong masarap kumain!

Daughters are life’s greatest blessings. But they can also be a handful. Sakit sa ulo ha! Lalo na kapag may topak.


But I love them, and I won’t have them any other way. ;)

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