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Why He Still Needs His Mother..

My Babyson is 18 now, turning 19 in 3 days. And you know guys who hit that age, they think they know it all. Feeling may pakpak na at kaya nang lumipad ng pagkataas-taas.


My Babyson is so stubborn. He thinks just because he is 18, oops turning 19, that he can come & go as he pleases & leave without making paalam to his dear old mum.

Mali. Maling-mali. Sorry Babyson but you still need your mother in every possible way, lol.

Case in point #1: 

Several weeks ago, paglingon ko sa kama, aba gising na ang binata ko ng 8am. On a weekend, that’s rare. So I said “pogi, saan ang lakad?“. Ang magaling kong anak, pupunta daw sa SM Aura pipila for the just-released Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged.

Atrebidang mom that I am, I said without blinking “Hintay ka lang, sasama ako” (remember moms, the secret is not to blink when talking to your teens so they know you’re serious & the issue is not up for debate hehe). “Up to you mom” was the half-hearted reply. Eh syempre naman, where I go, the 2 girls follow. Kaya fieldtrip to Aura ang drama after a quick shower.

Pagdating dun, up & down the elevator akyat-baba sila. “Where are you guys going? what are you doing?”, usisa konahilo ako sa kanila ha. “We’ll ask lang where to sign up for the line, mom” was the reply. Habang bising-bisi sila maghanap ng gwardiya, I went up to several people standing around, nakatambay, and asked where the sign up sheet for Adidas was. They pointed me to the right direction a few steps away. Doon sa tabi lang naman pala. Hala, lista ako agad: Jana, Jonah, Jena, Jane (in case my Babyson wants it in 2 colors – you can only buy 1 per person & you must present a valid ID which they list down kaya walang lusot. Yup, ganun kaarte! ), Gavin. Score 1 for mommy. 

Yan ang hirap sa mga kabataan ngayon, masyadong independent. Ayaw magsipag-tanong! @_@ asdghjkl!!


All’s well that ends well. Happy faces! <3 At least our day turned out to be a success in spite of the many blunders. :P Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged in only 2 available colors, either white or olive.

Case in point #2:

Masyadong excited si Babyson. “Have breakfast first anak” I say to him as we were leaving. “No time, no time mom we have to hurry!” he says. Asus, daig pa nya yung white rabbit. O sya sige. Habang nakapila sila, buy si mom ng breakfast. And good thing too! They were able to get their shoes at 2:30 pm. From our starting point at 10am. Score 2 for mom. Duling na sila sa gutom I’m sure if I didn’t feed them.


While Babyson & his friend were in line, the 2 girls & I bought breakfast. Since they couldn’t leave their line, we had the sammies & drinks bagged for takeout.

Case in point #3:

After going back & forth from Commonwealth PH in SM Aura to Adidas Fort, nagka-leche-leche na ang pila back in SM Aura. Nawala na yung magic listahan. Si Babyson ko pa naman, sya yung tipong mabilis panghinaan ng loob. “Let’s go nalang mom it’s ok.” daw. Ok ka lang anak? Matapos mo kaming karay-karayin sa iba’t-ibang lugar at patayuin ng pagkatagal-tagal nagmumura na nga ang varicose veins ko, ganun na lang? No way Jose.

I “interviewed” the people in line & found out they were honest enough to queue according to their number on the list sa mahiwagang papel na nawawala. So I looked for #74 kasi #75-#79 kaming 5.

“Excuse me pls, excuse me. Tabi-tabi po, this is my place I’m #75. GOppets, get behind me.” Aba, itong si foreigner sa likod umalma. “No, you can’t cut in because you already left & you lost your place.” sabi nya. “Oh, you’re wrong” I say. “There was a list & we’re on that list. I’m staying”. And stayed we did. Kamot ulo nalang sya.

Score 3 for mom. :P


From SM Aura, then a good 10-minute distance to Adidas Fort where there was a considerably shorter line, then back again to SM Aura after finding out there were, in fact, NO UNCAGED ULTRABOOST in Fort (kaya naman pala maikli lang ang pila!) Hay naku!@_@

Case in point #4:

The most important point why my Babyson definitely still needs his mum.. to swipe the card! :P 


To be fair, he did volunteer to pay for his purchase. :) But I insisted. Hindi madali ang buhay binata, madaming pinagkakagastusan, lol. Besides, my policy ever since is if I buy for one, I buy for all para pantay, walang selosan. Kahit nung maliliit pa sila, if one buys while we are out, he or she also chooses for the 2 na hindi kasama. Pasalubong kahit simple lang na gamit o pagkain, basta meron. I was buying for the girls so automatic sagot ko na si baby boy.

So Babyson.. admit it. You still need your mom. Grow some & then maybe we’ll discuss my importance in your life again, lol! :P 


Late lunch at Providore in SM Aura by Chef Kalel Chan of the Raintree Restaurants. Hindi ganun kasarap, steads lang. Small serving na, mahal pa. Skip..


G/F SM Aura, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig M-Su: 10AM-10PM (02) 802-9448


In order of appearance: Seafood Louie 350 php, Clam chowder soup 295 php, Pastrami Tapa 295 php, P Cobb (salad) 350 php, Cheeseburger classic 375 php, Seafood skillet 420 php, Rice 95 php.

Kagabi lang nasabon ko na naman sya ng walang banlaw. 2am na grabe parin makatelebabad ON A SCHOOL DAY and even after previous & numerous warnings. @_@ I am the most understanding & patient mom in the entire universe, I assure you. I recognize the passion & intensity of feelings kids his age have -been there done that. I try to tolerate, even support, young love sweet love pero within reason naman sana. Pinapalusot ko hanggang pwede, but when it comes to my kids’ health & safety, I’m a parent first & foremost.

He drives to school very early in the mornings. Ok lang sana if he has a driver, he can sleep in the car on the way to school & back home. Ang kaso, wala eh. I don’t want him sleeping on the wheel & meeting an accident because of lack of sleep. That, I won’t tolerate. And as long as he is financially, physically, emotionally, and psychologically dependent on me, HIS MOTHER, he has to abide by my rules. No questions asked.

Babala sa inyong star-crossed lovers, ayaw ko nang mauulit yan ha. I assure you, you don’t wanna test me, so don’t abuse my kindness.

Here’s a letter to my future daughter in law

The End.

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