So since we were already in the Fort area, we took advantage of our situation & looked around for a place we can have dessert, even though we were stuffed beyond words.

The kids saw Mr. (or rather misters) Axe, so naturally they had a photo op with him! :P

The boys decided to go with the assistants instead.. I wonder why! :P

And because they are such camwhores, they took even more photos.. Bihira lang kasi makatapak sa BGC, lels! ;))

When they finally got tired of jumping around & making silly faces, the kids led us to STELLA, a wood fire bistro that offers light and fresh cuisine, specializing in wood fire oven-cooked dishes from the creators of Museum Cafe (also a sister resto of Chelsea). They needed sweets badly to replenish their depleted energy, gaz! @_@


G/F Bonifacio High Street Central, East Superblock, 7th Ave cor 29th StFort Bonifacio, Taguig (02) 621-3222

The Impossible Cake (Half leche flan, half chocolate cake). Didn’t like it. The flan was too hard, the cake not worth the hype at all.

We were grateful for the singing waiters though. :) Birthday cakes must ALWAYS be accompanied with a birthday song, don’t you agree?
Some servers could use a smile seminar. I get that they also get tired & cranky, especially at closing time. But if they can’t provide a better & friendlier service, they should really look for other jobs that don’t require human interaction. Maraming ibang trabaho diyan. ;)

We got one of each featured dessert to try. My Lovey had a blast making so many wishes & blowing all those candles. ;)

I love you so much, baby girl! <3 I hope I made your 14-part birthday special. 14 celebrations for your 14th birthday. It’s gonna be hard to top this year’s pakulo baby!

Out of all the desserts, this is the only one we really liked. Good thing we got 2 orders of this. A bit too sweet but it was really really good. Their only saving grace, I would think . We weren’t too fond of their cakes.
Stella’s Wood Fired Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough (Salted caramel, rosemary pistachios, and topped with Mantecado ice cream) 195.00

Salted Caramel Cake 295 php. I thought this was going to be my favorite. I was greatly disappointed.


Their Red Velvet Cake 295 was somewhat okay. Not the best I’ve tasted though. They need to review their cake ingredients is my honest opinion.

Impossible Cake 295 php. It really was impossible to like. It was so wrong for me in so many ways.


Valrhona Gateau 295 php. Even this didn’t put a smile on my face. Their cake selections were ordered were VERY disappointing.

But this girl’s smile can turn any frown upside down. <3 Always so jolly.

And good company always makes everything better. <3

I love dessert, but I couldn’t finish what little serving I had. Most of the dessert we ordered went to waste, sadly. But at least my baby’s photos came out nice. ;P

Bad dessert + bad service equals BAD combination. I don’t think I’ll be setting foot there again any time in the near OR far future!

One more of my baby girl’s ’14’ birthday celebration installment & on to ate’s! I’d make hers 19 if I could, but her sucky new schedule prevents me from doing so. </3 We just have to make the most out of whatever time she can spare for quickie celebrations. School.. UGH! @_@

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