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STACY’s is a place where “sugar, spice & everything nice” are the first words that will come to mind as you step into this girly-girly floral AND candy-themed diner located at BGC. Swakto for moi! ;) Parang Candyland lang ang peg. Even the pastel-colored paint on the building reminds you of San Francisco apartments. Stacy’s actually stands out because it’s the lone pastel blue & yellow building you’ll see along Rizal Drive. I was glad Ate asked to have our Sunday brunch there while my babyson was off with his dad for a college entrance test.

Stacy’s is in Fobestown, Bonifacio Global City—just beside Distillery and a stone’s throw away from Burgos Circle and Mind Museum. The first time we went, there was a private party going on so we had to go elsewhere. The 2nd time, we found ourselves lucky & there weren’t too many people so we were able to get seats right away. It fills up pretty quick, lemme tell you!



Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City (02)




I liked the girls’ Outfit For The Day. Ate’s OOTD was perfect for Stacy’s -while my little girl chose to dress in a more grown-up garb! :P


Best of friends even with their 5-year gap. I can’t be any happier that they love one another so much & are each other’s best friend & preferred companion. <3


Ate releases the inner child in her. My Lovey is the more demure between the two & acts like the grown up haha. Please stay a baby a little while longer sweetie. Don’t be in a hurry to be a lady.



I love seeing my girls play tea with those teeny-tiny cups. Brings back so many fond memories of when they were still little & I would buy them all toys imaginable. Partly because I loved watching them play, but mostly because I also liked to play along! :P


Stacy’s 1950’s decor was conceptualized by partners Aby Natividad-Nachura (food writer and stylist) and Angelique Abesamis-Castro (prop stylist for Working Mom), both of whom dedicated it to Angelique’s grandmother, Anastacia or “Stacy’”, who lived until 102 years old. Stacy’s was named after her because of the positive way she lived life, similar to the warm, fuzzy, vibrant feeling you get as soon as you enter the restaurant.



Stacy’s is a happy place filled with pastel colours that is guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day. Bawal ang gloomy!


And the cuteness fairy reigns at Stacy’s where even water bottles look like they came straight out of Alice in Wonderland.





I couldn’t get over this cuteness!!! <3 A mug of popcorn with mallows & pretzels for appetizer. How unique & fun. This place is SO me!


Even the high-end ref screams pink. I’m in LOVE!


Mornings are just not complete without my daily dose of Coffee 80 php, and mine came with a delightful little surprise.


While my Lovey enjoyed her Peanut Butter Milkshake 125 php.


which, by looking her her expression, I’m guessing it’s love in every sip. Yum! <3


One thing I like more than Comfort food is Breakfast food. And Stacy’s serves a mean selection of yummy breakfast goodness that will certainly perk up your spirits any time of the day.

Comfort food is traditionally eaten food which often provides a nostalgic or sentimental feeling to the person eating it,  frequently with a high carbohydrate level and a simple preparation.

mm mm


Tomato Cream Soup 115 php.


As you well know, I LOVE attention to details. And these heart-shaped rice certainly put the A in Awesome! \m/


Stacy Jones 215 php. Tender yakiniku cut US beef sirloin tapa smothered with loads of fried garlic. Served with anyway you like em eggs, caramelized tomatoes and roasted garlic rice.


Big Breakfast Bangers 185 php. Savoury grilled sausage patty served with sugar-dusted French toasts, cheesy scrambled eggs and a cup of fresh fruits.


Texas Barbecue Ribs 255 php. Slow cooked and oh-so-tender country style ribs, generously glazed with their very own lip smacking barbeque sauce served with herbed rice and buttered corn kernels.


Monkey Toasts 165 php. Fluffy pieces of cinnamon French toasts topped with sweet caramelized bananas, whipped peanut butter and dark chocolate chips. Works best with freshly brewed coffee.


To see a complete listing of Stacy’s menu (and FUN, WITTY names!) CLICK HERE.



It’s always fun times with my girls. <3 Who needs friends when I’ve got 2 of my besets gals right here.


Sticking to its OLD, old-fashioned theme, the receipt comes with yesteryear’s PETER BUTTER BALL candies. Stacy’s has definitely won my heart over & over.


If you’re looking for a perfect hang-out place with the gals, look no further. THIS IS EAT! ;) Plus, the super affordable price gets a 2-tumbs up from me too. Way to go Stacy’s! <3

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