St. James Bazaar

I always have mixed emotions with the St. James Bazaar.

On one hand, it’s so exciting because they have fantastic, unique booths occupying not 1, not 2, not 3 but FOUR huge spaces in cuenca!!! Shopping galore OMG!!! @_@ On the other hand, this bazaar is always jam-packed that it’s really so hard to enjoy shopping due to the crowd & heat (sun & body)! And some guests are really disrespectful of personal space just so they can park & get to the bazaar! Even reserved spaces aren’t sacred anymore, they would actually move the blocking objects and still park their vehicles on spaces intended for homeowners’ own vehicles. Now that’s what you call inconsiderate! :((

This morning, my 2 girls & I braved the 1st day of the bazaar.

Just a bridge away! ;)

It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. Sure, it was hot. And yes, traffic & parking is still CRAZEEEE!!! But I didn’t faint & I was able to buy some nice finds. Last year, I was so drained that I wasn’t in the mood to shop anymore. For those who know me, this is SO NOT ORDINARY!!! ;))

Most of the items for sale are still clothes, but there are some very interesting & unique wares…

Cuenca field parking area..
Wall stickers & wooden toys (sushi, cakes, etc.)
Muy expensivo!!! ;))

Wooden rice bowls (starts at 500php)
Personalized santa bags 500php . C-U-T-E!!! <3
Sayang, as I already have something similar to these..
If you don’t have this yet, but one. Great way to hide your all kid’s gifts! m/ 
Mr. Santa’s is at cuenca! :)
Sugar-free desserts! <3
Im’ma get me some tomorrow! ;)
At the church parking..
Custom shoes, starts at 500php.
Fun jackets between 1,2k-1,5k..
Super cute notebooks!!! <3 300small/400big
QUIDDITY 0916-4567337
They only sell twice a year since it takes a long time to conceptualize, design & execute the notebooks.
If you’re looking for unique gift items, this is one you shouldn’t miss.
Truly a work of art! ;)
Couldn’t decide which one! ;))
Hey, they have Harry Potter designs too. Check out their site above!
Sniff.. VIRGINIA!!! :'((

Scented pens. 500/pack of 5.
Perfect as christmas gift to classmates, right? ;)
Tea infuser. Perfect gift for mommy friends!!!
Walang patawad! Even toilet rolls & tissue paper hahaha!!!
Personalized hand-paonted  flats 1,5k not bad for the great artwork! :)
The food area.. no calf OR shawarma, boohoo!! :(
the basketball court..
Very expensive liquor bonbons.. perfect for your sosi (alcoholic) friends, hahaha!
Ate went gaga over BIJOUX DE LOU accessories!!! ;)
They really do have one-of-a-kind (expensive) finds! Starts at 500 php if you’re lucky! :P
This is what she got. 600php.
I loved these!! <3 I think this is my favorite booth of all.
So cute, so whimsical!!! Too bad I don’t cook or bake.
But my Lovey her an apron (600php) for herself.. torn between so much choices! ;)
She finally settled for the cute candy cane-stripped dress! <3
They will be at the BOHO festival, in case you miss them at the St. James bazaar! :)
Artsy fartsy lamps.. too cute!!! 1k each. Notice the shoe detail!!! <3
Sashico Bags 0917-3242275
They also have religious artifacts from the holyland.
They’ve really got it all for you! ;)
Football field…
The St. James Bazaar is here until Wednesday, guys! So you can still make it. C’mon, shop til you drop! ;)
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