S&R Shopping

One of our (mine & the kids) favorite past times is grocery shopping. Not the serious groceries though, I mean the FUN kind..

There’s always something that catches my attention. I may not need it, but I most definity WANT it. Ya know what I mean? Heck, they just scream BUY ME from the shelves.

M&M scented candles 400 php. A must-have in every home, don’t you think? lels! :P

See?? Who can resist??? <3

This is why my Kap FORBIDS me to step foot in the grocery, coz I always come out carrying stuff we DON’T need. But you know the story about the forbidden apple right? The more tempting it becomes when something is forbidden! *insert evil grin here* Dapat kay Kap gamitan ako ng reverse psychology.


Kap: Sige lang sweetheart mag-shopping ka pa. Here, take my wallet…

Who knows, it just might work right? ;))

Among all the stores, S&R is ate’s food haven. There are just so many things she can actually eat & enjoy, FAT & SODIUM FREE! (which in my opinion, also translates to tasteless)

You’d think we can never finish those giant bags of chips. WRONG! :P The kids always have their friends over so I make sure we stock up on all sorts of food & drinks for our hungry guests! <3 I want their friends to feel right at home when they visit, and my version of loving them is by feeding them. You know, it actually works. Their friends just LOVE me to death & have added me on instagram hahaha! #CoolDawAko

My Lovey was on a movie date with her bestie, and my babyson was studying at home for an exam, so it was just Ate & me last sunday. Which is ok coz we got to have our own one-on-one time.


My poseidon (salmon & dill -which was old & I think, expired!) 248 php

Ate’s Veal Sausage & Tomatoes 169 php + extra add on: asparagus 39 php, chili 20 php, and cheese 41 php.

Honestly, ate’s food was way yummier than mine! Must get this instead next time. :P

Original Sin (Cinnamon & stewed apples) 260 php

It’s so cute with our reversal of roles now that they’ve grown. The kids make it a point to carry my bag & packages for me so my arms are always free to hold them, one on each side. And sometimes I’m so animated, talking a mile a minute that they are now the ones leading me to cross the street. Even my babyson will get the car for me when it’s raining or when we’re parked somewhere far. They also make sure I have everything I own before we leave a certain place coz I have a tendency to leave my credit card behind. I really am getting old! But I feel so loved & cherished. Masyado silang maalaga sa akin. Nagbunga na ang ilang taong pag-aalaga ko sa kanila. <3

I hope even when I’m old & gray, living in the diaper stage of my second childhood, they will still love me & take care of me just as they do now. Mga anak, huwag niyo ako itapon sa ilog ha! @_@

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