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Spiral Manila, Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Ate LOVES cheese. So to celebrate their BTS, and my Babyson “surviving” the 1st week of college life, Kap & I treated the fambam to a special dinner at Spiral Manila where one of the main attractions is the CHEESE ROOM. Not cheese station mind you, but CHEESE ROOM! ;) I knew Ate was going to be in for a wonderful gastronomical treat!


A WHOLE section dedicated to cheese & cured meats. OH MY! <3



Ate excitedly took photos from ALL corners! ;)) Yep, she was definitely enamoured with the cheese room. CAN YOU TELL??



OVERWHELMED, an understatement haha.


Buffet at Spiral Manila is a bit on the high end because of the 21 ateliers. You practically cover the whole world when dining at Spiral Manila!

21 ATELIERS: Salad and Appetizer | L’Écailler (shelled seafood) | Sushi Sashimi | L’Epicerie (grocery) | Hot Japanese | French Stove | Rotisserie (meats) | Wood fired oven | Churrasco (barbecue) | North Indian | Asian Noodles | Peking Duck Oven | Chinese Wok | Steam Baskets | Filipino | Thai | Korean | La Boulangerie (Bread) | La Patisserie (Pastries) | Chocolaterie | Creamery (Cheese)

This is the first time we were able to dine at Spiral Manila as a family. It has been either just me & Kap on a date, or any one of our kids with their friends (malaki ang allowance ng mga bata ngayon in fair!). Imagine, at 3k+ net/person, whew! But because we were so happy that our Babyson is now a college freshman, and Ate is on her senior year (time flies), we thought a little splurging was called for. Minsan lang naman. :)


LUNCH Php 2,554.76 nett
DINNER Php 3,248.72
SUNDAY BRUNCH (w/o Champagne) Php 3,377.68 nett

Spiral Manila

Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Atang Dela Rama St., PICC Reclamation Area, Pasay (02) 832-6988

Meeting them at Spiral Manila after a long day at school gave them something nice to look forward to at least. I feel bad that the kids have to go through waking up so early & sleeping so late the rest of the weekdays, not to mention the traffic & travel they have to endure because of the distance of our home from the kabihasnan! :'( Makalipat na nga hmp!


The GOppets. <3 In several more years we will multiply -hopefully. I look forward to that. I always pray for the best partners for them in this journey called life. Makahanap sana ang mga girls ko ng katulad ng daddy nila. #winner Ang binata ko naman, huwag sana tulad sa akin ang mapangasawa, HAHAHAHAHA! :P



We chanced upon the dancing ladies upon opening. Everyday at 6:15PM sharp, they welcome the guests with a pandango. ;) #illuminati



Such lovely interiors.



My pretty angels. I want them to be the best that they can be. And to succeed in their chosen fields. That’s every mother’s dream, isn’t it? My sophisticated Ate seems to be career-oriented while my warm & shy Lovey is more like me, she just wants a happy domesticated life. :) They are so alike & yet so different.



Spiral’s mission: To bring the authenticity and warmth of the traditional French markets and Asian hawker stalls into a five star hotel setting. And as far as I’m concerned, they have succeeded in every possible way! \m/



SPICY DILIS & KIMCHI!!! What a yummy way to start my dinner! <3



With the many interactive set-ups, you can ask the master chefs at the Asian Noodles atelier to blanch your own choice of noodles into your preferred broth. Complete your delicious noodle recipe by choosing from a variety of sauces and condiments.




Enjoy La Boulangerie Atelier’s freshly baked rye and multi-grain French loaves paired with your own choice of spread. I could have seriously lived on these alone! The breads were crusty on the outside & so soft & chewy on the inside. Warm & freshly baked, I could have forsaken all others stations. Except I didn’t want my money to go to waste, lels.



Please don’t judge me on my many many plates starting with these soup & salad dishes. :P Tayong mga pinoy kasi mahilig magpaka-sulit diba? Lalo na kapag mahal. Believe me, with the GOppets, lugi ang Spiral Manila! ;))



Because of the 21 Ateliers, the sushi & sashimi station has less than the ideal assortment. But I was happy with the choices. Quality over quantity I always say.



Visit the L’Epicerie atelier and feast on a wide variety of premium aged hams and artisanal cheese from France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. This alone is worth every centavo to cheese lovers like us. <3





Cheesy sibling love. Savoring the funky smell in the cheese room. Congratulations my babyson for surviving the 1st week of college freshman! And thank you Ate for watching out for him. Magkasama na naman kayo sa iisang bubong -sa baha at ginhawa. I’m glad.



My happy cheese plate. The first of MANY! :P



Spiral Manila really redefines eating via its interactive dining stations. You can have your pasta cooked exactly the way you like it on the spot. Happiness!



And while you’re at it, indulge with special seafood dishes featuring the freshest catch of the day. I certainly did with these lovely oysters & lobsters. These are like my 7th & 8th plates hehe. Please don’t judge!



Let’s get to my 9th! @_@ I also enjoyed a delightful teppanyaki experience with a short but sweet selection of traditional grilled seafood, meat and vegetables cooked by Spiral Manila’s very own culinary artisans at the Hot Japanese atelier.



So many dessert choices but I was drawn to the Filipino spread of bibingka & puto bumbong. Meet my 10th plate, gah! I guess it brings back fond memories of holiday cheer -which is once again, just around the corner. Ang bilis! It’s almost BER months na!



Sweet indulgence completes the ultimate buffet experience at Spiral Manila, with a selection of artisanal chocolates intricately designed by their very own master artisans at the Chocolaterie atelier. Loved these cracked chocolates with mixed nuts, also available at Spiral’s Chocolaterie and Spiral 2 Go.





I promise you this is my last plate. :)



Originally part of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila’s celebration of the famous cycling race Le Tour de France held last July 2013, the team has made the Spiral bicycle a regular feature of the most interactive restaurant. The riders are dressed in classic French outfit, peddling goods from Spiral 2 Go or giving out morning newspapers. Muntik na akong masagasaan, lol.



2015 Best of Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator Magazine, a prestigious recognition secured by Spiral two years in a row along with the Best Wine List in 2014, Spiral Manila boasts of a rich wine selection of premium vintage from world-famous vineyards. For an additional cost, avail of a glass of wine to enjoy with your dinner. ;)



Happy & satiated GOppets. We must have eaten for a solid 3 hours!

Good news to Philippine National Bank Platinum or PNB WorldMasterCard holders! Enjoy 30% off on buffet lunch or dinner Mondays to Fridays and Saturday lunch at Spiral Manila every time you use your credit cards until the 30th of September, 2015. Now THAT’s what I call a great deal. Maka-apply nga!

No credit card? Dine in a group!

Buy six (6), get four (4) FREE
– Rate is set at Php 15,328.56 nett for a total of 10 adult lunch buffet gift certificates (valued at Php 25,547.60 nett)
Buy three (3), get two (2) FREE
– Rate is set at Php 7,664.28 nett for a total of 5 adult lunch buffet gift certificates (valued at Php 12,773.80 nett)

Buy six (6), get four (4) FREE
– Rate is set at Php 18,018.43 nett for a total of 10 adult dinner buffet gift certificates (valued at Php 30,030.70 nett).
Buy three (3), get two (2) FREE
– Rate is set at Php 9,009.21 nett for a total of 5 adult dinner buffet gift certificates (valued at Php 15,015.36 nett)

The Spiral Group Dining Special gift certificates may now be purchased at Spiral2Go. Redemption period will be from Monday to Saturday lunch, or Sunday to Thursday dinner, from the next day of purchase until the 27th of November, 2015.


And before I end, here’s another of my famous KAP SERIES. ;) In the middle of our 3-hour dinner at Spiral Manila, a friend of Kap’s approached us. After the usual & preliminary greetings, the conversation goes..

Friend: Pare, sobrang roller-coaster kami ngayon. I got a call, our aunt passed away. So after nitong birthday dinner ng sister in law ko we have to rush & leave na.

Me: Oh no. So sorry to hear that. Our condolences.

Kap nods his head several times -his mouth full. Then the friend leaves & goes back to his table.

Kap (to me, after having swallowed his food): Sweetheart, ano daw? Namatay ung auntie nya sa roller coaster? Ano, sakit sa puso?

Me (staring hard at Kap): Honey. Pwede ba. Wag yang pagkain kasi ang inaatupag mo habang kausap ka??? Hindi sya namatay sa roller coaster okay! YUNG FEELING ANG IBIG SABIHIN! Roller coaster feeling. zOMG! 

This just proves that men really can’t multitask HAHAHA! Oh Kap my Kap. You bring so much fun & laughter into our lives. I love you so! ;)) Go GOppets!

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