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Spidey & Coco Hut

I’m sure by now most of you have already watched The Amazing Spiderman 2 right? I mean, come on! This is the lovable Spidey we’re talking about. And it’s been ages ago. :) click on highlight to watch the trailer

I originally asked the foodie fambam if we can watch it together on IMAX, then have dinner somewhere after. Turns out they only like to do one thing. EAT. They’re not much fans of the Cinema, or anything else that doesn’t have the letters F-O-O-D (particularly ALL 4 in a word). So now I have a foodie fambam as well as a movie fambam! :P Works for me.


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My movie fambam who, like us, needs to catch the first screening of absolutely everything showing! ;) Movies after all, are the cheapest form of entertainment. Sure you can watch it in the comfort of your home wearing your jammies with your feet up on the coffee table after waiting a month or so for the movie to come out on dvd. But nothing beats watching in the present knowing what everyone else is talking about, on the big screen with audience impact.. the surround sounds.. the barbeque popcorn! <3 I’m a “NOW” kinda girl. I absolutely cannot wait.



There’s 24 of us for the 4 families, so I always get 2 rows for the movie fambam. The kids love watching movies together in the big screen. So it’s 1 row for the adults, and another row for the kids.


As always, we love to compare notes after the movie. So we have dinner right after. The problem with a big group is getting seats plenty enough to accommodate 24 butts! ;)) So I always try to reserve ahead (yes, they have unanimously made me their secretary FML). But none of the restos are willing to hold a table for that big a group when walk-ins are steadily & readily coming.

Good thing there’s a new resto on the block that was yet undiscovered! \m/


COCO HUT Fried Chicken & Fish

Commerce Center Alabang (right beside Army Navy, the old Wicked Kitchen/Tutti Frutti)



It’s a fast food joint for chicken & fish lovers. Steering away from the usual burgers & pizza.



The price, although not cheap, is pretty reasonable. My family eats a lot. For a “regular” family of 5 who is happy with just 1 viand/person or food shared family-style, you can probably cut this cost in half. :)


Kani Cake 135 php.


Hut Wings 230 php. Chicken tossed in spicy sauce.


Tipsy Mussels. Imported chilean mussels cooked in flavorful wine-based broth. To be fair, the mussels were big & tasty.



Mi familia who eats a lot. <3


Poor Man’s Fish 165 php. Basically just your ordinary galunggong prettified. I liked it though. That’s a cup of clam chowder soup on the side.


Butterflied Tilapia 175 php.


Chicken Box. A choice of 8 pcs. chicken (kind & part depends on you) comes with 1 piece free (when you order 8).



Dirty Yog-Art 35 php each. Ube flavored yogurt topped with cheese. I like the cheese they used as toppings. <3 My girls loved this because it’s the healthy version ice cream.


Who should we bump into but Kap’s long time buddy Ren Cayetano. Hi Ren! :) If you’re a TOY COLLECTOR (think spidey collectibles, do visit his store MAXICOLLECTOR & HEROES HOBBY LOUNGE.


BTW, the ending of the movie SUCKED! I am SO NOT HAPPY! @_@ Writing a protest letter now!



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