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Spectrum Fairmont, Lego Awesome Sunday Brunch

Another birthday is fast approaching but you can never take away the inner child in me. I still delight in surprises, TOYS, games, and childish gifts! <3

When the kids were younger, I was the one most excited when visiting toy stores. I guess that’s why they have such great childhood memories. Because they had me for a playmate. We would always buy the newest toy & play together for hours on end. One of our favorite bonding activity is playing with LEGO, I kid you not. I guess because LEGO is unisex so my kids can share their toy. Plus, it promotes imagination & creativity. It also builds great hand/eye coordination in younger kids.

Another thing that makes me happy is my family. I don’t know if you have noticed. I always promote FAMEALY times. Growing up, I missed this. So with my own little family, I make it a point that we exercise eating together, as well as doing mostly everything together. A family that eats together, after all, stays together.

For working parents, what better indulgence than a SUNDAY BRUNCH. Not just any sunday brunch mind you, but a spectacular & awesome LEGO Sunday Brunch at Spectrum Fairmont. Now, how cool is that?

Spectrum Fairmont

1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati (02) 795-1888; (02) 555-9888

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FairmontMakati?rf=139575842862241

Spectrum Fairmont presents: Awesome Sunday Brunch until March 31, 2015 at Php 2,777 net per person. Children from 6 to 12 years old get 50% off on the buffet price. For an additional Php 1,000 get a round of champagne with your brunch!

What makes this Sunday brunch from Spectrum Fairmont awesome is the participation of LEGO. Look forward to an impressive hotel and Spectrum show kitchen scene built with LEGO bricks, including LEGO flower centerpieces and other interesting displays.

A separate play area also awaits kids ages four to 14 years old featuring LEGO bricks and play table, movies and an exciting “My Own Creation” contest complete with exciting prizes.

With parents in tow, (oh yes. Kids determine where we eat, and don’t you deny it), mommies & daddies follow suit admiring LEGO pieces proudly displayed in all corners of Spectrum Fairmont. It certainly brings out the inner children in them & recalls happy childhood memories.


We should never let age at any cost hinder us from enjoying life & having fun. #YOLO My grown kids & I had as much fun at the LEGO AWESOME SUNDAY BRUNCH as the lil ones.




With the beautiful & uber fashionable LONI BALAGTAS, Marketing Communications Manager of Raffles & Fairmont Makati. Thank you so much Loni for the warm welcome! <3



Upon entrance, this majestic LEGO display greets you. It’s the Fairmont Hotel! <3 I’ve seen many kids distracted & hesitant on moving along, so better blindfold them upon entry, lels. :P



Everybody, young & old, guest or not, wants a piece of the LEGO action! ;))



Spectrum Fairmont is beautifully furnished & arranged. Not so formal that you won’t feel warm & welcome.



Can I just say? I can live on Spectrum Fairmont‘s bread & pastries alone! So warm, buttery, soft, and flaky. All at the same time! @_@ I had 3 even before starting on brunch, GAH!



For an additional 1,000 php, guests can get a round of bubbly. Crisp & delicious. Take it from me..



and from Ate too! <3



For once, The Bossman came in happy colors with matching blue specs. ASTOUNDING! AMAZING! Must be the influence of that big bottle of Bacardi! ;)) Or masaya ang love life! :P I’m hoping the hearts on my top will rub off on him & he will be struck by Cupid’s arrow soon! #ThatThingCalledTadhana



My Lovey headed straight for the Lechon. <3 Have a go at the Paella while you’re at it.



What I love best about Spectrum Fairmont is its Japanese spread. That alone fills my heart & makes me happy. I can skip everything else & just concentrate on the freshest sashimi & beautifully colored sushi!




A bit of salad just to make you feel that you’re eating healthy! ;)



I love the happy burst of colors all around. <3




Spectrum Fairmont doesn’t disappoint with its array of local & international cuisines. Enjoy the dimsum galore & chinese food section. Peking Duck & Roasted Asado available.



Salami, ham & cold cuts. Too bad I had little tummy space left for these. </3




Wonderful carving station with turkey, lamb, & roast beef guaranteed to make you drool.




My kids, although teens, were fascinated with these colourful corn dogs.



See? What did I tell you? :P



My happy plates. And drink. Can you see how fresh their sashimi? Drooling as I type away! @_@



Because it’s BRUNCH! you can request for these thick waffles with chocolates & salted caramel syrup. zOMG!!! <3



And it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere right? Brunch is almost 5PM anyway! Enjoy a Dirty Martini! \m/

Now the fun part is really the dessert station because everything is LEGO-inspired. I can stay in Spectrum Fairmont ALL DAY LONG & be perfectly happy munching on all these yummy & colorful treats! <3






Sugar rush. The result of which. :| Happy parents make for happy kids. :)

 “It’s not just the quality of the mother and father’s relationship with the child, but how they’re managing as a couple that affects how well kids do. Not many couples truly share the load equally, but where it does feel shared, the husband and wife are happier as a couple and their parenting is more effective and nurturing.” -Carolyn Cowan, psychologist at the University of California.

How to raise Happy Children

PicMonkey Collage

FAMEALY times help in nurturing relationships with your children. They grow up so fast, are you spending enough quality time with them? <3



Our class picture. Mommies with their little ones. And then there’s me. Children-less :P



Because my kids, ATE SPECIFICALLY, were busy playing at the 2nd floor where a special LEGO play area was billeted. I can almost hear the bubble thoughts of those little girls HAHAHA! Mommies: You can buy LEGO toys at discounted prices.



I have happy kids. Sue me. :P Dear Ate, may you never be too old to appreciate life & all its wonder & glory. Thank you for always making me smile. I love you! <3



The luxurious Fairmont Makati, situated in a tower of 30 floors, is a hotel with 280 elegantly appointed guest rooms and suites, including Fairmont Gold, the exclusive lifestyle hotel experience. The hotel features eight restaurants and lounges, over 1,700 square meters of versatile meeting and function space. Relax and re-energize in the hotel’s Willow Stream Spa, one the city’s most luxurious retreats. Fairmont Makati can be found in the most sought after location, at the center of the Makati business district, within walking distance to the Philippine Stock Exchange, Ayala Museum and Greenbelt, the city’s most exclusive shopping area.



I LOVE MY KIDS. <3 How can I ever want for more when I have my family. With them around, everything is all right in my world.

Thank you so much FAIRMONT MAKATI, RAFFLES MAKATI, SPECTRUM, my love LONI BALAGTAS, and bossman SPANKY ENRIQUEZ for the love na damang-dama! The GOppets had a really wonderful time! :-*

And thank you kids. For making my life AWESOME! <3

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