Spectrum at Fairmont Hotel

My beautiful friend Med treated Ms. T & I to lunch at Spectrum in Fairmont Hotel 2 tuesdays ago “just because”. I love no occasion dates! <3

Mommy Med always looks so fresh & spiffy, she doesn’t look a day over 25 with 2 kids, don’t you agree? Mukha kaming mag-ina hahaha!!!

I was so happy coz I’ve been meaning to try their buffet spread since they opened early this year but never got the chance to do so. As you know, I’m bad with navigation skills so I’m always at ate’s driver’s mercy. It was her exam week so I was able to have her driver take me to makati. m/

Fairmont is right beside Landmark Department Store in Makati.

The food was good but the company was even better. <3 I always have fun with Med, and that day it was double the fun with our goddess Ms. T! Never a dull moment.

Wala talagang kakupas-kupas ang beauty ng queen & goddess ko! <3

Sadly, the worker bees were indisposed that day. They were a no show!

My happy plates:

And look! They allowed me to go through their bags haha! But that’s gonna be for another post, para naman may konting suspense! ;)

My goddess was so amused with my excitement as I inspected her bag haha. Yes, super close na talaga kami ngayon! :P

Thank you so much my dearest Meding for such a happy lunch!! I always enjoy every moment I spend with you. ‘Til our next lunch date. <3

PS: Please allow me to say “HI” to Madam Abet, a good friend of Ms. T’s, who just recently added me on Instagram. I am SO flattered that she would be interested in a nobody like me! :) I always see her in Ms. T.’s pictures, but never did I think that we would be friends too.. or at least on instagram we are, haha.
Tres chic socialites Ms. T, Abet Ong (in yellow) & Keri Zamora. I hope to see what’s in your bag as well someday soon, Abet! I’m sure I’ll drool! ;))
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