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My ate Marita invited the superfriends to check out SOLAIRE, the new Resort & Casino in Manila’s new Entertainment City (conveniently set against the backdrop of the scenic Manila Bay) last night. Check out our hilarious “conversation” haha. We got our wires crossed! :P

Conversation with my ate Marita. We’re so funny! ;))
She’s really my bestest friend ever. <3
Read more about solaire HERE.
You really have to pass through the casino to get to just basically anywhere.
So kids below 13 years old are discouraged from coming.
My lovely girls. <3
(Iba-ibang direction ang tingin hay!)

Because everyone knows how my Kap is SUCH a cheapskate, we decided to eat at Lucky Noodles, the only REAL casual (read: cheap-ish) dining area in Solaire.

This photo belongs to Solaire Resort & Casino. 

The other casual dining is FRESH. A buffet area. Definitely NOT CHEAP. :P

This photo belongs to Solaire Resort & Casino.


Monday to Sunday: 6:30 AM – 11 AM;
Php 1,220 net
Sunday, Holiday: 12 PM – 3:30 PM;
Php 2,547 net
Monday to Saturday: 12 PM – 3:30 PM;
Php 2,059 net
Sunday to Thursday: 5:30 PM – 11 PM;
Php 2,303 net
Dinner (Weekends, Holiday Eve):
Friday to Saturday, Holiday Eve: 5:30 PM – 11 PM;
Php 2,791 net
Note: There’s no price for kids because only 13 years old & above are allowed inside the casino & resort.
Yes, even in ALL the restaurants.

My Jana called ahead to make a reservation coz we’re such a big group, but unfortunately, only the 4 fine dining restaurants in the casino accept reservations.

This photo belongs to Solaire Resort & Casino. 
This photo belongs to Solaire Resort & Casino.
This photo belongs to Solaire Resort & Casino.
So we chose Red Lantern. I thought I’ll choose chinese so at least Kap will be happy in spite of haha.
This photo belongs to Solaire Resort & Casino.
Lucky Noodles & Red Lantern, both chinese restaurants, are actually situated right beside each other. But the ambience? It’s like night & day! So while Kap parked, the rest of us gravitated towards the beautifully decorated Red Lantern even though there were still available tables at Lucky Noodles (which looked every bit like Zong). Bahala na si batman, we told each other.
Attention to details.. <3
Ambience.. ito ang binabayaran! ;))
To my Kap’s chagrin.
Function room for private parties. There’s a minimum consumable, I believe.
And yes.. my CHUVANESS moment.. ;))
There’s an ACCA KAPPA cologne to spritz yourself with. Uber Bonggels diba??

We were all seated when the wait staff handed us the menu. Hmmmnn.. not bad I thought to myself. Pricey but not THAT much (around twice the price elsewhere), I mused. Only to find out that a portion was good enough for JUST 2-3 people! @_@. And the hungry kids alone were 12! Kami pang oldies! So we’re talking about at least 4-5 orders of each which cost almost 1k per order.

We all wanted to get out, and fast, except we already touched the complementary appetizers hehe. So the next best thing? We chose the least expensive food on the menu.. and STILL our bill came out to 20k.

The kids’ table:

Chicken Garlic (410 php++) x4
Codfish with Eggplant (700 php++) x4
Pork Ribs with Bitter Melon (500 php++) x4
Fried Rice with Minced Beef (560 php++) x4
Beef Hofan (350 php++) x4

The adults’ table:

Kung Pao Chicken 750 php++
Beancurd Ling Shi (900 php++) x2
Prawn Egg Yolk (803.57 php++)
Fried Rice with Minced Beef (560 php++)
Pork Rib Special Sauce (803.57 php++)
Beef Brisket (1098.21 php++)
Codfish with Eggplant (700 php++)
Whew. 20k for half the amount of what we usually eat haha. :P
++ for Service Charge (10%) & VAT (12%)
Buti na lang libre ang cha’a at baka hindi kami matunawan! ;))

I really got an earful from Kap the whole time we were eating as I was tasked to choose the restaurant & make the reservation. Kaya talagang nasa akin ang sisi! @_@ Lalo na when he saw there was this all along!

There’s a FOOD COURT. zOMG!! 
I love love love these ball shaped lights!!! <3
The kids were obviously still hungry kasi tinipid namin sila sa pagkain haha. So they had their fill here! Walang katapusang sermon talaga ang inabot ko k Kap huhu.
The thing is.. they look happy naman wherever we bring them as long as they’re together!
So next time, food court na talaga! ;))
With my ates & kuyas..
Summer is here so we will definitely be spending A LOT of time together again!!! :)

The casino is not so strict. Or so we thought. So we gave the older kids some money to try their luck (which included ate & my babyson), they were all excited as this was to be their very frist time. The teens were able to watch the gamblers up close. But when they were about to join in, they were asked for their IDs. Doon na nagkabukingan na none of them were aged 21 & over (except for one), LELs. Pwede siguro mailusot sa slot machines coz dressed up, they looked older than their age. But that was the farthest they could have gone, I think.

Baccarat table.

Learned my lesson the hard way. After shelling out 7k per family for our expensive (but so worth it) dinner, next time sa fastfood nalang kami haha.

Hay. Pag yumaman ako!!! Solaire.. I shall return! :P

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