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Hell’s Kitchen at Soil Modern Dining

Do you guys watch Hell’s Kitchen? Before our dinner at Soil Modern Dining, a new resto at Molito Alabang featuring farm-to-table concept which is becoming more & more popular by the day, I thought Gordon Ramsay was super O.A. I mean, really? Ganyan ba talaga ka-stress ang mga chef sa kusina? @_@

But then, seated at the bar with a full view of the interactive open kitchen, I witnessed first hand how REALLY stressful it is to cook for paying guests. Ibang level ang pangangareer! ;)) Especially if there are so many of you squeezed in a tight, fiery-hot space, butt-to-butt trying to do your own thing. Tempers are likely to rise along with the steaming temperature in the kitchen.

Soil Modern Dining

Unit 16, Molito Lifestyle Bldg, Madrigal Ave. cor. Alabang- Zapote Road, Alabang

Muntinlupa City (02) 802 2792


The kids & I had dinner at Soil Modern Dining one Sunday evening while Kap went to a tennis game cum dinner.


I miss hanging out with all 3 kids. <3 My babyson is always out of the house, I barely see him. Iba talaga ang binata, hay!


Not many choices, but enough to keep one interested.


A photo mural of Chef Lorenzo’s grandfathers on both side of the family watches as you eat. :P Look up & it’s as if they’re asking.. “Kumusta naman ang luto ng apo ko?”


My pescetarean Ate chose a beautiful plate of Torched Asparagus with Potato Foam, Shrimp, and Egg 320 php.


My Babyson, ever carnivorous, opted for the Roasted Pork Belly with Tinapa Mash, Pork Crackling, and Fermented Apples 395 php. Bitin, I should have ordered him rice on the side. He is after all, a growing boy with a VERY healthy appetite! :P


Meanwhile, my Lovey who is following the footsteps of her Ate & has shunned meat as well from her diet, chose a most colorful serving of Black & White Squid Paella with Cauliflower, Mussels & Clams 375 php. Now this dish really screams straight from the water with the sea grapes on the side, doncha think? Beautifully presented, it’s worth the wait. Sooo tasty too, albeit on the salty side.


Like my Babyson, I constantly crave for meat, so I asked for this Pan-Seared Duck with Fresh Lasagna, Foie Gras, Mango & Pineapples 450 php. I don’t know if you can see on the photo, but my bed of lasagna was burned, and my duck undercooked with a risk of salmonella. However, seeing how busy they were at the kitchen with everyone doing the best they can in a tight situation, I let this faux pas pass.


On a very busy night, I was quite impressed with how this lovely sous chef at the helm, NINA PILAO, was composed & so very much in charge of her all-male team in spite of an electric-charged evening bustling with so many guests. Now THAT’s girl power! Ang hirap palang maging chef!


She’s so kick-ass, just like le fab Ms. Piggy! <3 Btw, I am missing my alter ego soooo much huhuhu! Do you miss her too?


Owner & main man Chef Lorenzo Pimentel grants me a quick smile upon request, then goes back to cooking & plating with a fervour & passion. He had a super hectic evening after all, with guests demanding for their meal.

I feel, though, that their strength lies in their beautiful plating and desserts. I didn’t enjoy the main dishes as much as I enjoyed the intriguing & unique desserts that brought a pop of contrasting flavors. Adventurous is how I’d describe Soil Modern Dining.


Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich with Bananas 290 php. Not your ordinary PB&J.


Textures of Chocolate & Coffee. 320 php. This gets a standing ovation from me! <3 I love the combo of bitter & sweet.


Balsamic Vinegar Ice Cream with Honey Dew Syrup. Complimentary with every order of dessert. Weird combination I know, but it works! Maasim-asim na manamis-namis. #sweetandsour Just like the bf/gf Chef tandem. He is super nagsusungit na with his team hahaha while she is still cool, calm & collected. May chismis pa talaga akong nasagap! Ang saya pala to sit at the bar & watch the chefs at work. Highly entertaining, lol!

Pero alam nyo ba kung sino ang MAS na, UBOD pa, na chismosa??? Itong Ale, wala nang iba! Interview at Soil Modern Dining. Parang lupa (soil) lang, ibinaon nya lang talaga, hay! #onthespot #ginisanikris #taklesatalaga


Anyway, congratulations Soil Modern Dining! <3 Great date place, the food served reminiscent of The Girl & The Bull (another gf/bf tandem). Service is a bit slow so come if you have time to spare, or definitely on a weekday. ;)

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