Soga Miga

To say that I love spicy food is an understatement. If I didn’t care for stomach upsets, I would eat nothing but spicy food for the rest of my life. This is why I have a steady stash of Kremil-S! ;P

When the old gang decided to catch up & have dinner somewhere last friday, I made sure to bring up Korean food in a heartbeat. This was my only chance after all. My kids + korean food = not a good combination haha.

Tried the new Soga Miga Korean Restaurant in Molito. What I really wanted to try sana was Sariwon Korean BBQ over at The Fort, but there’s something about going further than our comfort zone in the Southern boondocks that makes anyone I know resistant. Sigh. I never go anywhere far! :'((

Spacious interior of Soga Miga
Open Kitchen
The doors behind open to function rooms if you want private dining.
The restaurant is managed by a Korean team (except for the wait staff), & most of the diners are koreans,
so I was immediately assured that everything I order was bound to be authentic & good! <3
Hurrah for freebies! m/
Ubos ang spicy Kimchi! <3
The old gang.
Hopefully more will make it next time.
It’s really been a while since we met up for dinner. I’ve missed them so. <3
Pancake 400 php
Tasted like oyster cake. My hunny bun liked it, but I liked the simpler egg roll below.
Cleaner taste. :)
Egg roll 300 php
Rolled like a sushi with stuffing inside. I really loved this roll.
Would definitely order this again next time.
Hunny bun’s Bulgogi stew 350 php
Free rice with every order
My spicy seafood  beancurd stew 280 php 
Bibimbap rice 300 
Pork spicy wrap 800 php
Came with lettuce that proved to be such a good combination with the spiciness of the dish.
Perfect replacement for rice if you’re on a diet! (which I’m not, haha)
What I noticed about korean restaurants, not that I’ve been to a lot mind you (I think this is only my 3rd), is that they don’t have dessert. Which is so sad! :(( Who doesn’t want dessert?
Good thing my Monchee love told me about the korean grocery next door! m/ We had ICE CREAM!
I would never have known about this store if Monsy didn’t tell me about it.
Too bad they didn’t accept credit card.
I would have wanted to buy a lot -I just loooove spicy korean noodles! ;)
All korean goods inside.
Tried this fish-looking ice cream.
It was really really good. Vanilla & wafer. 
with something else in the middle, caramel I think? 55 pesos. What a steal!
Enjoying ice cream on a cold rainy night haha.
We ARE weird! ;P 
I loved their ice cream so much that I brought home a bunch for my kids to try.
Pasalubong!!! <3

I think my hunny bunny & I got too engrossed with The Clan that we have forgotten our old group. I have really missed them so, & I hope we can make this a monthly thing. :)
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