Soderno at Molito

From the founders of Mercato Centrale comes Soderno Molito. It opened last night. We went today to make usi. Not many vendors yet, but I’m pretty sure it will grow in a steady rate soon.

The Founders..
Anton Diaz, Rachelle Uy Diaz, Vanessa S. Pastor-Ledesma, RJ Ledesma,
Janice Crisostomo Villanueva and Gary Villanueva
This is our saturday morning take on soderno molito.. The wares in the day market is different from that of the night market. So be sure to check out both! I interviewed some friends, rental comes up to around 2k/day or night, with 8 days advance deposit. They get to choose which day & time they want. So every day that weekend is different. Some of your favorite stalls may be there, or they may not. So it’s best to get their numbers to check if they are selling on the day, and time, that you will visit.

Minor construction is still on-going. But parking is ok.

Here are some indoor booths that caught my fancy..
chocolates!!!!! @_@
I’m really not a fruitcake person.
But I’ve always received Ju.D cakes as Christmas gifts &
they seem to be popular among our chinese friends.
1 box is 850php (coffee & original flavor), 1000php (apricot/cranberry)
Greenmeadows Ave, QC 6331188, 6330260

Cute to give as a gift. I just don’t know how to package it as this doesn’t come with a box!

Diva phone! ;)

O found this a little eerie! :P
Around 4-4.5k framed
Cast & Frame 09189477725

Outdoors is the food area. Only the indoor portion has aircon. So be prepared for the heat!
Frankly, I got a headache from the excessively bright sun & the heat outdoors! But that’s a given when you go to bazaars. I don’t know why I subject myself to this kind of torture, hahaha! ;))
We went back at night time and were treated to a very different ambience. It was busier & livelier. Just look at the reception at night! Also, there were way more concessionaires! I was so excited!!! ;P Here are just some of my favorite booths..
Will try this next time.
It was like christmas time & gifts. I couldn’t decide which one to choose & eat first! ;))

This red velvet called out to me! <3
110 php for 2 pcs.
Arrrggghhhh!!! cheesecake!!! Yummy!!! @_@

My all-time favorite. TAKOYAKI!!! Fat, round & filled! m/
Of course I had some! ;)

Try going next weekend, if you can. You can go to the St. James bazaar first, then have dinner at Soderno. Make sure you bring enough cash to tide you over, I promise you,you will want to try out everything good & yummy! Guaranteed fun! Happy shopping everyone! :-*
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