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Socialites at Xiu & Potterybarn #FoodiesForTheSoul

We were supposed to celebrate Leah’s birthday Sept 12 -weeeeeks ago, but then THIS happened! Our village flooded, zOMG. First time in the history of mankind. Alabang is normally boring, as in nothing bad happens in our neck of the woods. But Maynilad has been doing its fiber-optic works lately & digging up holes left & right, probably clogging drains in the process, that our little sanctuary just gave in. Nag-panic ang shala kong mga kapit-bahay, lol! Kung ano-ano na ang pi-nost sa secret facebook namin na nakakabahala. ;))

Our poor village submerged in water huhu! </3 And for the first time evar! It may be due to the many repairs made by Maynilad to give us better water. (Above right) This is how our water situation is ATM, parang hindi kami nakatira sa exclusive village diba, lol. #kalawangers #alabangers

Eh di syempre, nag-panic din si normally unflappable Kap. “Sweetheart, wag ka na umalis. Baka bahain ka pa at hindi ka agad makauwi sa amin.” Now when he puts it like that, how can I say NO right? Cancel ang lakwatcha ora-orada. :P The ladies were so kind & gracious to agree to another date in spite of their fully-booked calendar!

Two weeks ago -October 5, after many MANY rearranging of their previously scheduled affairs & events, we were FINALLY able to push through with Leah’s birthday lunch at Xiu Fine Cantonese Dining in Greenhills, yay!

Our dearest celebrant, Leah Dy, rockin’ it in GUCCI with this turquoise ruffled bib mini dress. <3 Happiest of birthdays, my long lost sister from anotha motha! I’m so very happy we met. I love you to the moon & back. I pray that our friendship lasts (longer than the fez of Xander Ford -lol aka our topic during lunch). I super enjoy every moment spent with you. Stay fun & fab, love you!!

Synching their schedules is really a pain because they are such busy gals with businesses & families to attend to. Ako lang talaga ang “retired” at walang ginagawa sa buhay, lels. Which makes me appreciate them even more. The fact that they would really push heaven & earth in order for “us” to happen. Lhav! <3

Xiu Fine Cantonese Dining

115 Connecticut St, San Juan, 1502 Metro Manila, Philippines +63 2 650 7189 ; 650 7189 / 650 8428 ; 0947 7070 228

After bringing Lugang Café, Tuan Tuan, and The Dessert Kitchen to the Philippines, HTCG brings us XIÙ Fine Cantonese Dining. XIÙ offers an array of traditional Cantonese dishes, focusing on live seafood.

TBH, I didn’t know who to hug first upon arriving, lol. The very lovely Leah, or this gorgeous Goose! ;)) I decided to hug both simultaneously haha! Traditional Roast Goose (One whole) 3,800 php.

Roast goose, 2nd way. And Honey-glazed prime cut Char Siu 380 php/6 slices which takes asado to a whole ‘nother level! <3

The Mashed Taro Puff with Scallop & TRUFFLE 1,080 php/6 pcs (can you see the whole scallop?? -what a hidden gem!) is absolutely FANTASTIC! Crunchy & crispy on the outside, soft & tasty on the inside! Huhubells, I’m actually crying as I write this. Also, the Sweet & Sour Pork 480 php, probably one of the 2 better ones I’ve ever tasted (the other one from Century Seafood Restaurant at Century Park Hotel).

Not to be missed, PLEASE! Do order this Steamed Crab with Shredded Garlic & Glutinous Rice. OMG, this will be the death of me, cholesterol alert but ang saraaap! <3 Pacific Lapu-Lapu (100 php/gram)

One of Karen’s specialty cakes, we were so blessed to have been able to share with the birthday girl this super moist & yummy Carrot Cake by Karen’s Kitchen! <3 As you can see, I not only had one slice, BUT TWO! That’s how good it was, and not overly sweet too! My type of cake, and I’m not just saying this because Karen is a friend. ;) Karen’s Kitchen is located at 17A San Rafael St, Pasig (closed on Sundays) with telephone numbers +632 6963332, +63 917 KEY4YOU (Globe), +632 2345118, +63 917 KARENS4 (Globe) in case you want to try her many wonderful cakes! Karen also has a branch in Petron Dasma (closed on Mondays) if you don’t want to go all the way to Pasig. Ground Floor, Petron Gas Station, EDSA Corner Pasay Road,, Dasmarinas Village, Makati +632 6963332,+63 917 KEY4YOU(Globe) +632 2345118, +63 917 KARENS4 (Globe)

As you know, I have so few friends because I have devoted my entire adult life to Kap & the kids. I’m such a hermit talaga. As in mabibilang lang sa daliri the people I can be comfy with & to be honest, leave my family for. Now that the siblings are in college with a hectic schedule & I get to see them night time na, I am reinventing myself to be more sociable & have a social life. With this in mind, I try to reach out to lady friends who I know will make a positive influence in my life. Thus The Socialites.

From left to right: Leah Dy (Fruits in Bloom, Toccare Spa, D Furniture Shop, Metro Cathay Trading Inc.), Anita Li (Baked by Anita), Rica de Jesus (Rustan’s Department Store, Stores Specialists Inc., Starbucks Philippines), Karen Young (Karen’s Kitchen), Michelle Ramos (Neil’s Kitchen, Made Nice, Mr. Roboto). The Foodies for the Soul. I just love these wonderful, Godly ladies who are not afraid to live, love, laugh, and learn! <3

Just a short detour, I would like to point out that not everything is at it seems. Apart from these wonderful ladies whom I have taken to calling “The Socialites” (but who would much rather prefer to be called Foodies for the Soul haha), I tried to reconnect with a female blogger acquaintance whom I was able to spend some time with a few years back. Not only do we share the same faith & values (or so I thought), but she is someone I have always looked up to. Her blog is really an entertaining & educational read because of how she shares her life experiences with her husband & children. Also, I enjoyed her company once & I felt she enjoyed mine too.

I thought It’d be fun to have her meet “The Socialites” since I had a feeling they’d get along famously, having the same character, interests & all. And so I arranged for a meeting & introduction, the Foodies for the Soul (FFTS) jokingly call me “Jane the Gatherer” because I really like putting people together. We were communicating fine until all of a sudden & without reason (at least none that I know of), she started having her secretary (who needs lessons on diplomacy, if I may add) do all the messaging & email correspondents. I found it off because like me, she is also a homemaker -meaning a stay at home mom. I had 3 kids myself & I always found time to reply. Yes, she homeschools her children & may be active in church with speaking engagements from time to time, but surely, composing or even sending a message will take up less than a minute or two?

I too had a secretary in my profeyshenel days, and an assistant up to this day. But I never, EVER have them do my communications for me, especially with friends -or even acquaintances. Even my kids, they know not to answer for me because I’m a ma-emoticon na tao & I drip sugary sweetness even in text messages. Halata pag sila ang sumasagot kaya I don’t encourage at all. I figure, if people take their time to communicate with me, even with the basic comments section on Instagram or the blog, I really do my best to reply as soon as I can -and as pleasantly as possible. That’s the least I could do. If I could do more, I really would. So this really had me stumped.

The Foodies for The Soul are such busy bees, micro-managing their many businesses & multi-tasking their affairs left & right, and yet I have always had a direct line with them. I was never made to feel like I had to go through their secretaries or assistants or whatever in order to get to them. So yeah, not everything is at it seems. She probably has her reasons which I will never know because hey, I’m SO done. I’m not going to force myself on someone not interested in making friends -or too busy to reply on her own.

When I read a blog, I automatically think it’s the same persona that they show in real life kasi ganun ako eh. What you read & what you see is what you get, pero hindi pala lahat ng tao ganun. Lesson learned. Which just goes to show that even at my age, I am never too old to learn some life lessons. But it’s fine. It’s also an exercise for my ego haha, I’m ok with eating humble pie once in a while to keep me grounded. Minsan kasi masyado na rin ako nagiging feeler so maybe this is God’s way of telling me “Anak, sumosobra na ang bilib mo sa sarili” Hahahahaha! :P

Sorry if sometimes I vent out my feelings on my blog coz alam nyo na, tao lang po! But now that I’ve ranted (like Sharon Cuneta ba, moving on. ;) (Kaya my Jangi who loves me too much, huwag ka na mag-react, lol!)

Anyway, after our extraordinarily delicious & oh-so-filling lunch & laughter-filled chika, we rolled ourselves to Pottery Barn in BGC to attend Rica’s last anniversary event of the year. Her blog’s 10th Anniversary date is actually January 27 (2007) but you know, fab & Manila royalty that she is, of course the happenings had to last until October. ;))

Rica’s first anniversary event was in January when she had a kick-off event at Rustan’s, coming out with a Heart to Heart Privilege Card. Both Karen & I were present & witnessed her Oprah moment. ;)) Thankful that we are also part of Rica’s 10th year Anniversary conclusion & culmination.

Pottery Barn Philippines

L/G Central Square, Bonifacio High Street (02) 950 8187

Even if these ladies brought their own cars, we all rode with Leah in hers going to BGC & had SUCH a hoot! I’ve forgotten how fun it is to be giggly & carefree with girlfriends. <3 It was literally a JOY ride! ;)

FOUNDED IN 1949, Pottery Barn was built on the idea that home furnishings should be exceptional in comfort, quality, style and value. From the bedroom to the bath, the kitchen to the home office, the entryway to the backyard, Pottery Barn Philippines has everything you need to create your dream home – and to entertain in it.

In the Philippines, Pottery Barn’s Design Studio Specialist is trained to provide expert decorating and entertaining advice in their customers’ homes – all free of charge. No matter what your design dream or dilemma, Pottery Barn Philippines is available to help anytime, anywhere. <3

Pottery Barn Philippines is not just about furnitures & home decor. It also has fun stuff like these Halloween costumes for kids, and unique Christmas Tree trimmings. The stuffed animals (right) called THE DESIGNER DOLL COLLECTION, are wearing gowns by Monique Lhuillier & retails for 4.5k php each. If you want a fab tree, then these trimmings are definitely for you! ;)

After shopping, it was time for us to enjoy the beautiful & delectable cheese spread created by Rustan’s Market Place. <3

Congratulations again dearest Rica for 10 wonderful years of heart-2-heart-online! You bring joy & inspiration to your many readers. May you enjoy many more years spreading love & positivity to everyone you meet. I am so thankful for the gift of you, and your friendship. You are such a beautiful person in & out. You have no airs, you are so down to earth & humble, and you always think of others before yourself. That’s why so many people adore you. Plus I have direct line to you & you don’t make me go through your assistant even though you are YOU, hahaha! And congratulations too for another successful anniversary event at Pottery Barn Philippines. As always, shopping with rustans is FUN-FUN-FUN. I especially loved the Monique Lhuillier dressed stuffed toys which are great as tree decorations or a tree topper. And your cheese spread by Rustan’s Marketplace is simply FAB! But of course we your fans & friends expected nothing less from the Oprah of the Philippines. Thank you so much for a fun afternoon, and of course all the giveaways! Love you Rica & more power to Heart To Heart Online! :-*

Hala, #palosapwet if Kap sees I went shopping again, lol! ;))

My dearest Foodies for the Soul, thank you for making time for US, and for such fun & happy moments every time we are gathered together. But most of all, thank you for being so humble & down to earth. You can afford to be stuck up & pa-importante because of your many accomplishments, but you’re not. I’ve seen firsthand how true & genuine y’all are. I am so blessed to call you my friends.

Until our next adventure, I hope it’s soon! :-*

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