Sobrang Cheesy!

I used to be the only one in our household in love with cheese & its many varieties. So I never bought a whole bunch, sayang naman kung para sa akin lang. Mahal noh! But then, my girls were introduced to the marvels of cheese, crackers, pepperoni, and grapes. And our lives, as they say, was never the same again, lels!

Sometime this week, my Lovey & I went to SANTIS to buy an assortment of cheeseses. ;) My girls were craving, so of course mommy indulged them by going to the deli ASAP.

Thank you my Lovey for coming with me on an otherwise boring trip to the Deli! <3
My gulay. Soooo many cheeseses!!! <3
What to get for my darling girls???
Saw these. Siguro masarap kaya nakakalat diyan hehe.
So I ordered all 5 para matikman at malaman. :P
Price per Kg..
Gouda Milo Dutch – 680 php
Honey Bee Goat Cheese – 1,496 php
Truffle Noir – 2244 php
Older Gouda 2 Sisters – 1,142 php
Natural Smoked Gouda Cheese – 993 php
Also got some spicy pepperoni & salami slices. 
as well as some cold cuts palaman for our bread..
and sausages for my macho boys. Pang-meryenda! m/
Steak! <3 Babalikan kita!
and patties galore. I. SHALL. RETURN! <3
Paging Alcoholics Anonymous. 
I finally found some honey for ate. YAY!!! <3
Wildflower Honey 270 php

Twinings is giving away this lovely london phonebooth tin can when you purchase 2 or more boxes of tea. I got a couple of assorted flavors for ate since she was suffering from sore throat & heavy colds. I shall add a teaspoon of honey to coat her throat. Kawawa naman.

Twinings Tea 280 php/box
And because I over-bought.. again.. grabe talaga maka-hoarding. I packed some cheesy goodness for ate’s lunch in school. Glamorosa ang peg niya! ‘))
Black grapes are best paired with cheese & crackers.
I also got ate multi-grain crackers since she’s forever on a diet.

I hope I don’t invite mice in to our house, with our cheesiness! ;)

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