Snow White & The Evil Queen

For the UST Paskuhan 2012 parade held yesterday (the controversial Mayan doomsday 12.21.12) my beautiful ate was invited by the Science Society to fill the part of the Evil Queen. The lovely Annica, being Miss Science, was of course Snow White.

For her, a mere FRESHIE, to be asked to be a part of this momentous event in her school was definitely an honor. Villain or not! And remember, without the villain, there would be no story! ;P

So even with my doubts about being out on a very controversial day (you never know what other people set out to do on doomsday!), I decided to allow ate to participate & make it a family event. Syempre, full support kami as always for our beauty queen! And whatever happens, at least we’re all together! <3

As predicted, it was suuuuuppppeerrrr TRAFFIC! @_@ It took us almost 3 hours to get to UST. Call time was 12 noon. We got there at 3. Hayz!

It was worth it though, coz we all had a great time. More importantly, ate had a fantastic time. She never had things like this in her former (small) school, so I really encourage her to get as many experience as she can in college. I’m very happy that she is now like, Ms. Popularity! ;P

Thankfully, the weather was cooperating & there was a cool breeze. The rain also stopped. Yay! m/

Miles & miles of food stalls..
Reminiscing.. when he used to pick me up.
Seems like a thousand years ago! :P
Parang mali ang spelling nyo! ;))
Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs for the College of Science.
The very pretty, VERY APT, Snow WHITE! ;)
My beautiful Villain with her magic mirror. So regal. Bagay talaga maging queen! <3
Full support mode! <3
Buong pamilya talaga!
The STARS of the College of Science! ;) 
Awwww! <3 She has little, eenie weenie FANS!!! :)
And they’re not afraid of the Evil Queen, mwahaha!!!
The (almost) complete cast! :)
They had 2 Snow Whites.. Annica is toooo long haha she can’t fit in the makeshift coffin.

Here are the other colleges & their fantastic floats..

Beauty & The Beast 
The Lion King
(Peter Pan) Capt. Hook
For me the Best Float! m/


Si Cinderella..
Bippity Boppity Boo! ;P
Aladdin & the Genie.
I think this was my favorite among all! UP! <3

So, 12.21.12 came & went with no ending of the world whatsoever. We are all still alive & well. Thank you God!!! Here’s to a loooong lasting life ahead! ;)

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