SM San Lorenzo ATBP.

In support of the UST basketball team -who incidentally WON in the PCCL championship game, all the students were asked to wear yellow last friday. Civilian clothes for a change.. Hurrah for UST Tigers! Hurrah for yellow day!!! m/

PHILIPPINE COLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (PCCL) 2012. With much joy and pride, the University of Santo Tomas congratulates the UST Growling Tigers for bagging the championship in the Philippine Collegiate Champions League (PCCL) 2012. UST also has the season’s Most Valuable Player in the person of Tiger Jeric Teng, and the season’s Coach of the Year in the person of Pido Jarencio. Teng also made it to the Mythical Five, along with teammates Jeric Fortuna and Karim Abdul. Congratulations to the UST Institute of Physical Education and Athletics for once more producing excellent athletes that continue to lift up the Thomasian spirit. To our valued athletes, may you continue to be imbued with God’s unending grace to be competent, committed and compassionate Thomasians! Go USTe!

Such lovely ladies! <3
So happy to be in civilian clothes for a change haha! ;P
I like ate with curls.. whad’ya think? I think it adds an extra oomph! ;)

Since we had to wait for pageant practice again but were still too traumatized with the traffic we encountered the other day in chinatown, we decided to brave the nearby SM San Lazaro instead & chill there for 4 hours or so. And sayang naman get-up ni ate hehe. She’s such a good dresser, don’t you think? (pants by H&M, top from forever 21, spiked shoes by topshop) ;)

It took us less than 15 minutes to get there, but SM being SM was swarming with people. I really like the ambience in LCM best among all the malls in Manila I’ve visited. Mas chillax. It’s just a killer getting there! @_@

SM City San Lazaro
SM City San Lazaro is a shopping mall owned and developed by SM Prime Holdings by Henry Sy, Sr. It is located in Santa Cruz, Manila, this is the 2nd SM Supermall in the City of Manila after SM City Manila which was opened on April 2000. Wikipedia
Opened: July 2005
Address: Camarines, Manila, Philippines
I was missing my Lovey so much that I dragged her along last Friday!
Hindi ko na matiis! </3

We tried looking for a nice quiet place to just plop ourselves down so ate can study in peace, but I don’t think SM has a quiet place hehe. Even sa banyo nila maingay! ;P

The only restaurant we found empty was Karate Kid.. (and now we know why!)

Gyoza 75 php
Tofu Furai 45 php
Potato Balls 42 php
Ebi Tempura 135 php

Sumo Burger 120 php

Sorry, but Karate Kids doesn’t, and will never, make it to my top foods list.. :P Too greasy & too over-cooked. Pero in fairness, super mura sya!

On our way around, we saw a Bench store. Oh, excuse me, a SUPERBench store! ;)) Curious as to what the difference was, we went inside to snoop.

Plenty of nice basic stuff.
I think Ben Chan will give imported stores a run for their money style-wise! :)

After the rehearsal, we went back to our home mall for fitting & a quick dinner. After all the exploring, I realize how much I super LOVE the coziness & exclusivity of our Town! <3

What do you think? With or without the headdress?
Creative wear kasi so this costume she’s supposed to look like a mermaid for her theme na PISCES.
Hindi pa sya tapos.
There’s supposed to be glittery “scales” on the chest area for effect.
Ann did an EXCELLENT JOB on ate’s 2 gowns! And to think she made them in less than 10 days!! @_@
Can’t wait for the reveal TOMORROW!!! m/
ShiLin for comfort food after a very looooooonngggg day. We were about to fall asleep on our faces at this point, most especially my poor ate!

Ate’s Beef Brisket Noodle Soup 250 php
My Spicy Vegetable Pork Wonton 118 php, and..
Stirfry Taiwan Spinach 140 php
Hindi ko talaga kaya ng 1 ulam lang. SAD LIFE ang 1 ulam!!! ;))
My Lovey’s Rice Chicken Chop 245 php

My 2 pretties! <3
Lovey, thank you so much for bearing with ate’s schedule.
I know I’ve been neglecting you somewhat these past few days.
I promise I will make it up to you with lots & lots of squishy hugs & sloppy kisses!! <3
I love all of you EQUALLY!!
I just had to give ate extra time & attention for this pageant coz she needs our support.
Thank you for being so patient & understanding my sweetheart. :-*

In a way, I’m glad that pageant rehearsal ends saturday. I don’t think my wallet can take any more strain hahaha. And ate is at her breaking point -she’s always so tired now because of her week-long 16-hour schedule. Tapos she has to study pa on top of her practice.

But on the other hand, ate & I have been bonding quite a lot these past few days. Most of the time, all 3 kids come with me everywhere, so ate & I also value our 1-on-1 time where we talk about boys & secrets. Like bffs out on a date, nuks! :P

I love you ate! Thank you for doing this & letting me experience & share moments with you. Win or lose, you will always be a beauty queen in mommy’s eyes! <3

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