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Kap dragged me to his doctor’s appointment again today. He has An-An (Tinea Flava). As in his WHOLE back is covered with it. Ikr, kadiri!! Ayoko ngang tumabi sa kanya at baka mahawa ako! ;P Paano, kung saan-saang tubig nagsusuot, ayan tuloy! Stop with the water sports already hmp!

                Consulting with Dr. Ian Laurel.

On the bright side, he was free for the rest of the day so may driver ako sa pamamasyal. Yay! ;) And for once, hindi ako magmumukhang OFW wife na laging walang asawa sa piling!
                                                      Telebabad ng telebabad! Sige ka, isumbong kita k Tulfo! :P
Habang busy-busy-han si Kap, I was singing my heart out with the kids! ;)
Oh diba? Feel na feel? Candid na candid hahaha!
I LOVE my family!!! <3
Ate was bitin with our SM-Aura adventure coz the mall was crawling with a million & one people the last time we went there. We weren’t able to visit PAUL & buy yummy goodies, so we crossed the highway to get to the other kabihasnan that is The Fort.
Very spacious, but very FULL parking! @_@ 
First order of business. PEE. Then PAUL’s! ;) 
A little over 1k just for these measly goodies. zOMG!
Di bale, as long as ate will REALLY eat these yummy goodies! <3

We just window-shopped coz Kap (a.k.a. Kapitan Kunat) was with us..

The kids saw some of their favorite shops, but they were well-behaved. ;)
They behaved.. until ate got reunited with this store!
Eh kagagaling lang niya diyan nung isang araw! ;P
          Mahigpit ang bantay! :P     Ate: Nude or Black?     Daddy: None of the above!     (She got the nude!)
Ate saw this ad & immediately RAN to hug it. SHE IS SO FUNNY!!!
I’m guessing she LOVES River Island THIS much!!! ;))
Pagbukas na pagbukas ate, we will make a special trip. I promise! <3
And Bershka is also opening soon.
H&M is reportedly opening in October.
Ate will be begging me to LIVE here (IN THE MALL) when that happens! :P
I must admit though, that my wallet was partially happy that Kap was with us, lels. Although I would have wanted to buy more shorts from Forever 21. F21 carries plus-size items so I look forward to visiting the store whenever I can. I normally buy from Criselda Lontok at Rustan’s but her clothes are for the more “mature” crowd. Mga pang-simba, ganun. Forever 21 answers my need for fun & hip outfits! Pang-mall & hanging out with the kids. ;)
So what I do is I mix & match. Para “mature” & age-appropriate, but still with a bit of F-U-N! ;))
Look ate.. FITLOPS!!! ;P
There’s really no decent restaurants in the mall save for those in the food court. Maybe coz Sm-Aura is already surrounded by restaurants all around the Fort area? The lines for Pepper lunch & Sbarro were super long so we ate at Brasas. Not bad, not good din. Small serving, and pricey for a fastfood. Paid 2.2k for our food.
Sanay na sila sa Nanay nila.
I’m so blessed to have such loving, supportive kids.
They know blogging makes me happy so todo-suporta talaga sila sa akin!
Always ready with a smile for the camera! <3
Single line kiddos! ;) 
There are only 6 choices at the food court:
Eat Pinoy, Pepper Lunch, Sbarro, Yakitori (opening soon), Four Seasons (opening soon), and Brasas.
Brasas, Latin-American Street Food. Game! :) 
They were only serving 3 types of meals with a choice between Beef, Chicken, or Pork.
Their Latin Iced Tea was unfortunately unavailable.
Kawawang Kusinero! :(
Our chow.
Chicken Salad
Beef Salad
Wraps. I got one of each (Beef & chicken).
Chicken Platter.
Food court. Kap is happy! :P
Went to the Rooftop to see what’s happening. Para palang luneta. Madilim! Pang-lovers lane. There’s a coffee shop that will be opening soon. And the kids spotted their favorite HAPPY LEMON! (Lahat naman yata, favorite nila!)
I was feeling it.. pang Lovers Lane nga talaga.. pero may mga asungot, lels! :P
On our way down, ate was called by the round, soft, yummy things otherwise known as MOCHIS!!! <3
This, for her, is already an indulgence. Poor food deprived child of mine! :(

Saw Anton Diaz a.k.a. Mr. ourawesomeplanet with his family going up the escalator as we were going down naman. Wala akong paki. Akyat uli ako screaming Aaaaannnnttoooooonnnn!!! Feeling kakilala talaga haha. They were so nice to let me have a picture taken with them. Pero higpit ng kapit sa mga anak.. just in case I was a crazed stalker! ;)) Kap ran up after me, kamot ng ulo -clueless as to why I ran back up haha. Ok na din, at least may taga-picture! He’s probably thinking his wife has officially gone cuckoo na! Keber! :P

See? Natakot yata sa akin yung bata! ;))
For a more detailed post on SM Aura, click HERE for the #1 Food Blogger Mr. Anton Diaz’ blog.

Oh, and I think the cinemas are open na..

And they have a Director’s Club here! I wonder if they have an iMax as well?
Up soon, I’m posting my EXCITING date with THE Ms. Tina Tagle. Do watch out for it.. (panting, fainting, gasping for AIR!!!) Mwah! :-*
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