After all the screaming & screeching in the medicine auditorium that put a blasted sharp pain in my entire head after watching ate’s College of Science’s variety show, I looked forward to a nice quiet dinner with my wonderful girls. (My babyson was stuck in school, too bad.)

The College of Science held their yearly Variety Show composed of students and FACULTY.
Yes. That’s what the screaming & screeching is all about.
The popular college profs, of course, got the loudest & shrillest cheer! :P  
The hosts for the afternoon.
We were there to support BIANCA..
and Kitkat.. 
and Ramy..
and MENDI.
Yes. ALL her barkadas were in the show so I went with her. I am after all, her BFF -forever & ever!  <3
Congratulations to College of Biology btw, for winning 1st place! m/
Who are you TEXTING???
All your friends are on stage! @_@

I don’t know why, but all that screaming & screeching made me crave for pasta. And fast! Ate suggested that we head on over to SLICE at Bonifacio Global City. At my slumped & disoriented state, anywhere was better than where I was at, teehee! :P You try sitting in a closed, crowded, noisy area for 6 straight hours & we’ll see how you fare!

Slice is owned by Senator Pia Cayetano.
The ambience is maaliwalas. The moment you step inside, you feel automatically happy & peaceful.
It’s like coming home after a long day.
And no. This is not a paid advertisement! ;P

Oh my! Now that’s what I call a SELECTION! <3
I wanted to order everything.
Except I was forewarned by ate NOT TO GO CRAZY. Such a Kj! :(
Sigh.. she knows me TOO well! </3

I love the valentine decor. I so felt the romance in the air! <3
How can she tell me not to go crazy??? Is she KIDDING me??? @_@

I love their uniform! <3
I love everything about SLICE, in fact! <3 <3 <3
And look at what ate got hooked on. Strawberry milk.
Really? Out of all the yumminess inside the cafe, you zoom in on the MILK?

Goody Gulp 50 php

At least my babylove knows how to choose! Yay! <3
Red velvet cookie 95 php.
Lovey’s Tapa Garlic 290 php
My very yummy, very tasty, very big serving of PUTA NEGRA 390 php.
Me so happy! <3
See? <3 <3 <3

Ate’s BBQ Chicken Rice Melt
Mmmmmmm!!! Melt is the purrfect word! <3

Of course I had to take some of Slice’s yummy goodness home! Some for my babyson whom I was missing sorely, and UBE VERRY for hunny bunny. But mostly, these are for me hehe! :P

Per piece: Ube Berry 80 php, Red Velvet 80 php, Chocnut 80 php 
Per piece: Choco Yema 70 php, Very Berry 80 php, Rocky Smores 60 php
I asked for this cute pail.
So basically, it’s not stealing! :P

And did you know?? There’s a HUGE mall pala within the walls of Fort! And I NEVER knew! *gasp..

Central 1
Walang tao. Super high end kasi all the stores inside.

I think I found my new hang-out place! Except.. I need to get a MAP. I get confused with all the street names & numbers that do not even connect! I’ll never distinguish where Serendra, BGC & BHS starts & ends! @_@

But yes. I definitely am sooooo loving this place! <3

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