Slappy Cakes

After our uneventful Thai lunch, we decided to go somewhere else for dessert to salvage what’s rest of our afternoon in SM Aura. We passed by SLAPPY CAKES on the ground floor & my Lovey immediately brightened up. She saw they had make-your-own pancakes so she really wanted to try it. But pancakes were heavy & we just had a full lunch, so we decided to look around first before we had our “dessert”.

Her birthday is coming up in 2 weeks. When your kids reach a certain age where they show their own fashion sense, it’s best to just let them choose their own clothes to save yourself from grief, heartache, and unnecessary spending on clothes that they will NEVER wear! :P I told her to go semi-crazy & look around. Semi lang, coz she had her REAL birthday bonanza to look forward to. Another mommy & baby one-on-one date that includes her all-time favorite hobbies -eating & shopping what else! ;)

Her eyes sparkled as all her favorite stores were laid out in front of her. Here’s one of her finds, the cutest by far don’t you think? <3

Cute bully sweater from SUITE BLANCO! <3

Forever 21 3-day weekend sale!

It was SM Aura’s 3-day sale last weekend. But the stores were miraculously half empty even in mid-afternoon. Not bad at all.

When we felt the mall was crowding up with backpackers due to the 3-day weekend sale, we deemed it best to stop & get out while we still can -Friday traffic and all. Besides, the pancakes were already calling out to us! ;))

Slappy Cakes have other food aside from pancakes. See their complete menu HERE.

Our server was really nice. I wanted my pancake ready made so when he came to our table with the ingredients instead, I panicked and said HUWAATT?? I don’t wanna cook my pancakes myself?!? Ang sagot nya agad: Ma’am, I will your your pancakes myself. Oh, diba? Ang bait! ;)

She loves getting to do stuff like this coz we never do it at home. My poor “deprived” child haha! ;))

A big solid “J” for jeje, I mean JENA! ;)

Hurrah! She was able to spell out her name with the buttermilk batter! ;)

I can’t say that they were the BEST pancakes I’ve ever had, haha. Coz you know, some turned out undercooked while the rest were burnt (my bad!). All pancakes have to be cooked on the table top, you can’t order them ready made so don’t say I didn’t warn you. But have fun, y’all. My baby surely did! <3

Lovey, thank you so much for distracting me last friday. You really are my sunshine & happiness. You always know how to make mommy feel better. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Love you sweetie!! <3

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