Sissy’s Nail Salon

Our regular manikurista has been feeling primadonna-ish lately. Parang ayaw kaming servisan hmp. So we just trudged to the nearby nail salon instead last week.

                                Our primma donna-ng manikurista! :P

I’ve been passing this new Sissy’s Nail Art & Spa whenever I drive the kids to the gym. It’s time I went up close & personal. Beside, our nails were in dire need of some TLC. Mukha na silang kuko ng construction worker! :P

Unit 2 Molito Lifestyle Center Madrigal Ave. Ayala Alabang, 1780 Muntinlupa City (02) 553 3502

I loved how the seats are so big & comfy, and the airconditioner was blasting cold air so I was REALLY happy. The soothing piped in music was so relaxing I had to stop myself from nodding off to sleep.

Nail arts to choose from! <3
And there were so many manikuristas! As in ratio was 2:1 so we didn’t have to wait for each other to finish. One attended to the hand & the other to the feet. Hmmmnnn, I could get used to this.
This is MAE. She is one of 2 nail artists. So make sure you ask for her when you go, coz sh’es really the best! ;)
I’m loving ate’s pinya! <3
I’ll get this next time with matching spongebob & krusty krab!

Our regular home service manikurista charges 150 for maniped. This nail salon charges 380/maniped. More than twice the cost but it saves us time. Plus I’m going gaga over the nail art. It’s 50 php/nail. Addtional 5 php per stone if you want embellishments.

We were out of the salon in an hour. And I’m so loving our chic nails. <3 I could get used to this, I really really could! ;)

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