Sibling Bonding

So the other night, when Kap & I snuck off to go on a date, the kids had a date of their own in greenbelt.

I asked Ate to babysit & she decided they’ll have a fun night out without the parentals for a change instead of being cooped up in the house. Mga lakwatsera! :P

Honestly though, I’m glad that my kids are so close to each other & they like spending time with one another. I hope they maintain their closeness even when they have relationships of their own & they would go on fun triple dates with each other. That would be like the BEST compliment they can give to me as a mother. It means I have brought them up well. Huwag sana sila maging ala-Gretchen/Claudine. That will be the death of me. Really & truly.

Mukhasim! ;))

I remember when they were young & I would leave Ate in charge of the 2 kids whenever I had to leave them behind. My babyson reported to me that his Ate would make him face the wall as a disciplinary measure. Sunod naman siya! Tawa ako ng tawa. It’s nice to know that they fear & respect their Ate & see her as a person of authority. I want them to feel that they can always count on her -on each other, when the time comes that mum & dad are too old na to help.


Because they loved Draft the last time we ate there, the girls decided to take my babyson there for dinner because he wasn’t able to go with us then. The line in Burger Bar was O.A. long daw so they happily went to Draft instead..

Thank you, Ate, for sharing with me these lovely pictures. And also for being a good older sister & leader. I appreciate all that you do, please don’t ever change! <3

Thank you kids for loving one another & treating each other as best friends. Always remember, blood is thicker than water. Lean on each other for support, always have time for one another. Practice love, patience, and compassion. And all will be well. I’m one happy mommah! <3

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