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Siam Thai BBQ & Sports Bar

As I shared in my previous posts, for Valentine’s & my birthday (at mukhang pati anniversary na rin yata sinama ni Kap sa regalo para 3-in-1 na at makatipid, lol!), Kap gifted me with a glass-enclosed display cabinet for my china, silver, and glasswares. Of course a new cabinet means a new dining table. It goes without saying, right? ;P

Our current dining table is a 6-seater, na pinilit ko lang gawing 12-seater by putting a large square glass topper & having 2 benches made to seat 6 more. But it hides my beautiful inlaid wood, kaya hindi talaga ako mapakali. So I am moved it to our patio para mas ma-appreciate ang beauty. And so the kids can also have an outdoor dining option when they have friends over.

Kap inherited a 10-seater solid narra round dining table from his parents which he had refurbished and looks good as new na. It’s also the perfect size for our extended family now, with 3 more to spare (swakto pag nagka-lovelife ang mga bagets at may take-home guests na!). So all I need are upholstered chairs to complete my dining room’s new look. Which brought us all the way to Pasig.

I’m looking for custom-built dining chairs that look something like this kaso wala akong mahanap huhu.

Maybe you can direct me to a furniture maker closer to home? My preferred color motif is oxblood & gold (inset, right). But I really want to copy the 2-sided upholstered chairs on the left for my dining room. Kap already found a good upholsterer, and the owner of Shell Canvas & Upholstery is actually our next-door neighbor, so tela is definitely not a problem. I just need a good sastre to make the skeleton of my dining chairs.

Oh Guada, ikaw na ba ang sagot sa tanong ng puso ko? ;))

Anyway, ginutom kami sa kaiikot at kahahanap & found ourselves craving for Thai food waaaay past noon. As usual, Kap wanted somewhere reasonably-priced but good, so we landed at..

Siam Thai BBQ & Sports Bar

Pioneer Center Supermart, 8006 Pioneer Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City (02) 246 9069 ext:460 & (02) 239 2866
All you can eat Hot Pot: Lunch 12 Noon to 2:30 PM | Sun PHP599 ; Dinner 5:30 PM to 9 PM | Mon-Sun PHP699

Oo. Sa kakahanap, umabot talaga kami sa Pasig, lolz!

Siam Thai BBQ & Sports Bar is a sports bar, hotpot, & BBQ place rolled into one. Ya already know how much I love hotpots right? And I’m about to try THAI BBQ HOTPOT! Malaman nga kung ano ang pinagkaiba sa regular hotpot?

Known as MOOKATA or Mu kratha dining, a platter of hand-picked meats, seafood & veggies is served table-ready for cooking with a light chicken soup simmering at the base of the grill that’s oddly shaped like a hat. The juices from the grill slowly trickles to the chicken broth, adding flavor as you cook.

Gotta warn you ahead of time though, the photos here are really bad. It was super dark inside so all my photos turned yellow huhu. Pero alam ko namang nandito kayo para sa kwento diba, more than the photos haha. Bawi nalang ako next time. :)


Or maybe I just need an iPhone 7?? ;P Mukhang nasa akin talaga ang pagkakamali hehe. Siam Thai BBQ & Sportsbar is a nondescript hole in the wall along Pioneer Centre. Nothing special from the outside, but Kap & I really fell hard for the authentic Thai dishes (by a certified true Thai chef!) that we tried that day. \m/


It was really sunny outside so I appreciated the cool shade & the dark undertone that the inner sanctum of the resto provided. You have an option to either dine outdoors (no thanks), or indoors where there is a heavy duty air conditioner blasting a most welcome cool air. Summer na talaga hay! PS: (lower right photo) At yan, mga kaibigan, ang may sala kung bakit lahat ng litrato ko ay hepatitic yellow -ang mga nagbabagang dilaw na ilaw! ;P


Yun nga lang, dark interiors mean sucky yellow photos. Again, my apologies. My pictures don’t even do the yummy Thai food justice. On a side note, pls notice the hat-shaped 2-in-1 hotpot & griller.


Thai BBQ Hotpot, tada! The difference is it’s a BBQ & hotpot in one! You grill the meats on top & let your veggies, bola-bolas atbp. simmer alongside the soupy rim.


Best news is, the Thai BBQ Unlimited is EAT ALL YOU CAN at only 599++! Unli rice pa, kaya Kap is very very happy! ;)) “Sweetheart unli-rice! Piktyuran mo ako, dali!” Hahahahaha oh Kap my Kap! The simple joys that make you happy talaga. #LuckyMeWifey (Not a heavy eater? Opt for the Thai BBQ single meal at only 390 php/set)


In fair, although I am more partial to the regular hotpot I am accustomed to, busog-lusog ang Thai Hotpot ng Siam Thai – at an affordable price too! \m/ Mix your own sweet & spicy sauce concoction to add flavor to an otherwise bland chicken broth. Available daily, just add 100 php for dinner time.


Choices of unli toppings..


At dahil summer na, we added this very refreshing Thai Style Pomelo Salad 200 php (with a touch of coconut milk giving it a light creamy flavor) for our side dish. <3


When dining Thai, I normally go for the Crispy Catfish Salad (190 php), but hearing that this spicy Fresh Salmon Salad in Thai Vinaigrette Dressing 290 php is the bomb, I decided to go for it & get the catfish dish next time. Oh yes, there will definitely be a next time. <3 Perfect combination with my accompanying light craft beer, Dead Guy Ginger Ale 375 php.


and even though there’s unlimited rice, I just couldn’t resist my fave Thai dish, the Bagoong Rice 150 php. Omnomnom. Kay Kap na ang plain unli, basta’t akin itong Bagoong Rice!


These traditional Thai desserts complete the meal. <3


Sticky Mango Rice in gata. Yum!

Kap is so happy with the price & delectable food at Siam Thai BBQ & Sports Bar that I foresee many future jaunts here with the fambam to try the other dishes.

ลองกิน Lxng kin (Let's Eat!)
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