Watched Rex Navarrete live at the Newport Performing Art Theater (NPAT) in Resorts World last night. The whole family is a FAN! Especially the kids, who really begged us to watch even on a school night! (Usually a no-no!)

His sold-out show began at 8:30 with 2 front acts (Mike Unson & Noel Gascon –??? weren’t really that funny if you ask me! :P),  & lasted ’til 11. I conked out thrice during the front acts..seriously! There’s something about those plush chairs & cold airconditioning that just makes you want to space out.

But when Rex came out, everyone woke up haha. For those of you who haven’t watched Rex, here are some of his youtube uploads, guaranteed to crack you up! :))

He’s really not pleasing to the eyes but what he lacks in physical features, he compensates with a great sense of humor. Rex is the only Fil-Am to have four audio CDs and three DVDs of his various perfomances. Filipinos love him for his stories of his childhood and of relatives living in the US. He has been in the industry for about 22 years and even funnier than ever.

He has aged a lot since we last saw him in his 2002 (+/-) performance here in Manila.
I thought funny men didn’t age??? ;))
Or  maybe it’s just his hair??? :P

After the show, we were hungry from all that belly-laughing. Opus was full because they were giving out complimentary drinks to those who watched the show. We opted to dine upstairs to avoid the crowded ground floor. Ended up in stackers…

Three of us had burgers. This is a Jack Burger at 225.
Monterey jack cheese, sauteed mushroom, crispy bacon w/ranch dressing

Milkshakes & rootbeer floats..

My hunny just gots to have his salad! ;P

The 2 girls had chicken nuggets.

Got home past 12! Rex.. you’re the Best! :)

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