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Si Jena at Si Jay

Kap has this one mekaniko in his car & paint shop who has endeared himself to the fam because of his sipag at tiyaga. Never complains no matter the time or day, ever helpful. He’s been in Kap’s employ for almost 4 years now & is the kanang-kamay. Kap can come home for lunch & doesn’t have to spend the whole day there because of trusty Noel –ang shock absorber ng bayan, lol.

Kap’s favorite mekaniko.. ;)

Because of finances, or the lack thereof, Noel’s family is forced to live in the province where everything is relatively cheaper. Kap provides his people with housing by renting a single unit nearby, but of course he can’t adopt all his employees along with their families. 10-door apartment na ang kailangan diyan hehe. :P

So whenever time permits, o kapag maganda ang kitaan (Kap gives them commission & bonuses on top of their basic pay), Noel goes to Sorsogon (15 hours one way by bus!) to spend time with his wife & son -which is not often. If the situation were reversed at ganyan ko lang kadalang makapiling si Kap, ikamamatay ko talaga huhu.

Last Valentine’s Kap told me how Noel won some money from lotto or something similar, I can’t recall. Just a small amount, around 5k lang naman, not big. He went off to buy his wife jewelry agad. Syempre naman swoon ako, romantic gal that I am. How sweet this guy! At chismosa by nature, curiosity got the best of me. I ask: “Anong klaseng alahas binili nya Honey?” Yung mga silver-silver (no, not Pandora teehee) daw na tinitinda sa mall. Nanghinayang naman ako, I could have taken him to Ongpin, purong ginto na sana ang nabili nya, kawawa.

Anyway, that’s just the type of person Noel is. He is very selfless. He could have used the 5k winnings to buy something for himself (pang glug-glug ba), or send the money to the province for food. But no, he wanted his wife to have something nice for a change, a luxury. Sigh, so sweet diba? Wala na, I fell in love with him hook, line, and sinker.

Sometimes Kap would shake his head after a phone convo & I’ll ask why. He’ll say Noel didn’t get to eat lunch kasi kinulang ang pera, nagpadala daw sa probinsya panghulog ng bahay. (He is now a full-fledged homeowner in the prov btw. Sipag at tiyaga talaga) So he’d ask his Bulilit station manager to buy food for Noel’s sustenance. It’s not easy being outdoors the whole day ha, tinkering on cars & inhaling paint fumes. The sun is draining & our Philippine weather humid. Plus he’s doing manual labor pa so nauubos talaga ang lakas.

Hay, mahirap ang buhay. But then again, we can’t adopt naman every Larry, Moe & Curly. May sarili din kaming pamilya na dapat alagaan. We can only hope for the best for them & just be grateful for what we have compared to others.

Since it’s vacation time for school kids, Noel’s wife & son are here to visit him for 2 months at Kap’s prodding. Dami na nga nyang plano sa Deal Grocer & Metro Deal haha. Nakapila na ang Splash Island, Ocean Park (with buffet pa daw ha!), & Enchanted Kingdom atbp. Kap, inspite of his kakunatan, really has a big heart & the best of intentions. Kinakarir nya talaga ang pagbili ng vouchers so that every Sunday Noel can take his small family to kid-friendly places. Ilang beses ko bang sasabihing ako ay babaeng pinagpala! <3

Si Kap my Kap, ang utangan at bale-han ng bayan hehe.

Our youngest, si Jena, comes closest to him sa pagka-maawain. Upon finding out that Noel’s family was in Manila, (Jay was one of my Bae’s Kris Kringle beneficiaries, so naturally she wanted to meet him) she immediately asked her dad if she could have a day to take the wife & son out so she can buy them stuff & treat them to Jollibee (the only fast food she would allow herself to indulge in). Like I mentioned before, my Bae has the smallest allowance among the 3 kids kasi nga Alabang area lang sya unlike her sibs na College level already with food, gas, and alembong needs. And yet, she has a pure heart & is willing to part with her money in a heartbeat to share her blessings with others. Again, ako ang babaeng pinagpala ng sobra-sobra! <3

Her dad arranged a day a couple of weeks ago and here it is. Please take note that I am sharing this not to boast or anything, but to inspire others to do the same. We can all use a bit of kindness here & there. :)

Since she learned how to drive, sitting pretty nalang ako lately with my lovely chauffeur. ;))

Aside from the bike for Noel’s son, my Bae also treated the wife to 2 pairs of jeans (a black & a white kasi puro blue jeans lang daw ang meron sya) & 2 off-shoulder plain tops (at ako pa yata ang peg) pang-rampa sa Maynila! ;P Sabi ko nga “Aba Bae, baka gusto mo na rin ipag-parlor“, hahaha!



Just look at that happy face! <3 Jay is so very happy with his brand new bike! At first he was shuffling along, medyo takot pa. But by the time naikot nya ang buong mall on his ride, aba hinahabol na ng nanay nya! ;))


Sa Jollibee, bida ang saya! ;) My Bae got them set meals para kumpletos rekados, may chicken joy na, may jolly spaghetti pa! At wag kalimutan ang pineapple juice, lol.

This early, my Lovey already decided that in lieu of gifts for her coming debut, she would indicate on her invitation a request for assorted new toys & games instead from her guests to give away to sick kids. We’re looking at Kythe Foundation for pediatric cancer patients at the moment, but we would be happy to consider others if there are similar, less popular charities you can recommend which would benefit more. Mas kila kasi, mas madaming sponsor diba, so if you can direct us to a similar but less popular org, that would be great. She has a soft heart & compassion for kids so they are her focus for the gift-giving. At syempre, may pa-Jollibee after. Join kayo? :)

Oh Bae, I thank God every day for the gift of you. Please stay as kind & as sweet as you are. Never change. I love you. :-*

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