Si Anderson

Anderson has been with my mom for ages. I think we grew up together haha. His kids & my kids are more or less the same age. I’ve seen his romance bloom & he has seen mine. And now that ate is off in college, my mom has graciously “turned him over” to me! ;)) I trust him. Trust is very important.

I don’t think we have shown him gratitude for his loyalty over the years. It’s easy to take people for granted when one is so comfortable is life. You think that others around you are also living comfortably sometimes. You choose what to see.

Lately as ate has been coming home late, we have begun to see that no, life is not the same for everyone. Transportation that we take for granted is hard for others without a car -or even just a motorcycle. So we decided that it was high time to give Anderson a ride of his own so he doesn’t have a hard time coming to & fro for ate.

Here is Anderson, happy to be getting his very own ride! ;)

We got him a honda wave.
Black & White, like the dark night haha.
His very own bike. 

Needless to say, Anderson was very grateful to finally have something to his name. I would happily give him a car if I could afford it. Maybe when ate finishes med school I’ll have money by then, haha! ;P

Thank you Anderson, for being a part of our family, and taking care of us -generation to generation! Wish I could do more. <3

PS- Look at how he lovingly takes care of his property. Even though it’s sheltered in our garage haha..

May kulambo pa talaga haha! ;P
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