Shu Uemura by KL

I’ve been in love with the Shu Uemura Holiday Collection by Karl Lagerfeld ever since I laid eyes on the doll logo (more than any other aspect hehe -shallow, I know!). I vowed to collect all for ate. But she was into BENEFIT then & didn’t want any at the time.
“Creating something that is universally beautiful.. THAT is ART” -Shu Uemura

“I design with Shu Uemura make-up because other manufacturers don’t offer such beautiful colors.” -Karl Lagerfeld 
15k for the box (empty), and 3.5k for the brush set. Yikes! @_@ 

OMG This is make-up heaven!!! <3

Recently, I’ve been seeing her interest piqued & we’ve been visiting the store more & more often. So I took this as a sign that she liked the collection. Remember, my kids don’t ask outright for things they want or like. They TOUCH! ;))

I tried out my theory by getting her an eyelash curler (1,250 php) first. Sayang naman pera ko if it turns out nakiki-usi lang pala sya haha! ;P

A little incentive for all her hard work! <3
I’m glad she liked my surprise gift.
The pouch comes free with minimum purchase.

So after she fitted her dress last friday, I took her to the nearby Shu Uemura shop so she can choose the colors she likes best to add to her benefit collection..

A little reward! ;))
I LOVE Shu’s KL (Karl Lagerfeld) collection! <3
Ate chose a lipstick in Parisienne Pink (1,350 php), and an eyeshadow/blush palette (2,950 php) in Bordeaux
Eyeshadow/blush palette choices (2,950 php) in Smoky Velvet (left) & Bordeaux. 
Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in (from left to right) Celebrity Beige, PARISIENNE PINK, Luxe Burgundy, and Mon Shu Red 1,350 php
Cleansing Oil 3,700 php (small) & Under Base Mousse 1,900 php (small)

Slowly but surely, I will add to her collection. Steady lang, para naman she has something to look forward to pa haha. I’m happy I have 2 girls to doll up. My babyson? He couldn’t care less! :P Hindi daw sya metrosexual. He-Man to the max ang appeal nya! ;))

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