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SHORBS by Shorts Gourmet Manila

I am rarely excited about many things (ok fine, fine I get excited by a lot of things!) but never have I been as excited as when I discovered SHORBS by Shorts Gourmet Manila! What exactly are Shorbs? Shorbs are shortbread cookies inside sugar-crusted orbs which are truly a magnificent work of art borne from the heart of a highly talented & fashionable man, MANNIX PENA.


Mannix is a man of many talents: Artist, designer, entrepreneur, style hunter, traveler, baker, singer. A lover of the finer things in life, Mannix makes sure that his passion for the best things is also reflected in Shorts Gourmet Manila.

Shortbreads are traditional biscuits made from flour, sugar, and butter. A classic scottish dessert. Reinventing the treat, Shorts Gourmet Manila created a modern snack that people from all nations will enjoy. Each piece is handmade to perfection, offering delectable flavors of distinct character from the Dark Divine to the Mocha Latte & the Choco Mist (my absolute favorite!) And so affordable too at only 300 php/box of 12 (singles), or get the Celebration box of 15 at 340 php with all three flavors!

Last Christmas, a beautiful reindeer-decorated shorb was going around instagram & I was desperate to get a hold of one. Unfortunately stocks ran out fast, as you can imagine. So poor me, boohoo! :P But this time around, I was blessed to be one of the mommies who were gifted with a mother’s day Shorb. Happy dance, YAY! <3



Shorts Gourmet Manila

Orders & Pick-up point. Makati: Anton’s (Bel Air) 09178844111 or 2158021

Available in ALL Rustan’s MarketPlace locations

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shortsgourmetmanila

Instagram & Twitter: @ShortsGourmet



You can tell that every attention to detail is executed & lovingly hand made by highly talented artists. If they can pay so much attention to the outside, what more to the inside right? So these are one dang good shortbread cookies I tell ya! ;)



Oooooze baby I love your way.. everyday. I wanna be with you night & daaaaay!

Shorts Gourmet Manila‘s shortbread cookies are available in 3 different flavors: Dark Divine, Mocha Latte, and Choco Mist.

DARK DIVINE. Dark Divine has the creamy butter & vanilla crust of the traditional shortbread cookie. Adding a modern twist to the classic treat, it contains a delectable surprise in the centre! Every piece is filled heartily with rich belgian chocolate.

MOCHA LATTE. Take a vote out of an exciting blend of coffee shorts filled with good old chocolate. Join the daily grind with mocha latte! Perfect for meetings or quick breaks for people always on the go. Pair it with a hot cup of coffee & be ready t be your best all through the workday.

CHOCO MIST. Doubly decadent, a pure chocolate experience. From crust to core, be spoiled with the satisfying taste of belgian chocolate topped with powdered sugar.


And trust me when I say they have every imaginable design for just about any occasion. Shorbs are LIMITED EDITION (only 250 pcs. made!) & unique creations by Shorts Gourmet Manila individually hand-crafted & hand-painted for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s & even easter!


Yes. It’s BIG! <3 It fits 12 individually-wrapped shortbread cookies inside. Every recipient will surely appreciate the gesture & thoughtfulness you have put into the gifting.



The flying elephant logo of Shorts Gourmet Manila is a reminder of fun experiences shared with children, families, or friends in today’s fast-moving world. It is a playful symbol to a traditional treat, piquing the interests of the young and the young-at-heart, creating a whimsical journey to a world of delight.






Chinese New Year..






Shorts Gourmet Manila celebrates happy moments for all to enjoy, may it be a gift for well wishes, a special token of affection, a snack for your child’s play date, or simply a dessert for entertaining family & friends. Each shortbread cookie is guaranteed to create lasting memories.



Madly, deeply, gooey love in every bite! <3

So how do you get to the good stuff you ask? Well, this is a total heart-breaker. You need to hold your Shorb lovingly & kiss it goodbye as you smash it to the ground in order to get to the goodies inside. I KNOW RIGHT! </3 Heartbreak I tell you! But as they say, Life is Short (pun intended) so Drop it! Smash it! Share it!

You can tell that love went into each detail. Not just on the outside but most especially on the inside. In fact, Shorts Gourmet Manila‘s shortbread cookies were served on the presidential flight of Philippine Airlines & was served to Pope Francis during his flight back to Rome form Manila after his papal visit in the Philippines. So damang dama ni Pope Francis ang pagmamahal ng mga Pilipino. And that’s a fact! ;)

Buy this special & limited edition Mother’s Day Shorbs for only 795 php each (UNBELIEVABLE) and get 10% OFF plus FREE delivery within Metro Manila. Call 0917-8788818 to place your order. Only while supplies lasts, so hurry!

You too can get a special SHORB as a Mother’s Day treat! I am giving away TWO beautiful Shorbs to TWO lucky mommas! BUT! I cannot mail it as it is very delicate. So you must be prepared to come & get it all the way from Alabang (holla Alabang peeps come & join my contest). I assure you though, it’s worth the distance. And it’s only running for TWO days to make it to you in time for Mother’s day on Sunday.

You know what to do…


It’s truly a merry month of May as I have not ONE, not TWO.. but THREE giveaways this month! Do watch out next week for my COFFEE GIVEAWAY. That’s One year supply ha! \m/

*All photos here belong to Mannix & Shorts Gourmet Manila.

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