I read the funny & crazy blogger Karrots Nazareno (karotitay.com)..

so I’m familiar with her Anthology-brand shoes. I’ve never worn one, but they look really soft & comfy -albeit pricey for a local brand. In fact, I’ve been nagging ate to buy one for the longest time, but no -she says she doesn’t like girly flats. She’s more into chucks for school. So when I showed the anthology catalogue to her again this morning, I was surprised when she showed interest. So surprised that I whisked her right away to buy several pairs for college.

Photos above & below belong to Karrots Nazereno
Cannes in BLUE 3,295 php

We went to Rockwell first. Unfortunately, they didn’t have her size (9) there. So we went to Shangrila Plaza instead. Ate is very choosy when it comes to her shoes, we can walk around the mall looking for the perfect pair for 10 hours & still go home shoeless! @_@ So I’m EXTREMELY happy that she liked 3 pairs in 1 store! m/ The price, although a bit high, is so sulit because anthology shoes are really so comfy!

Anthem store in rockwell carries only small sizes.
Lucky for us they had bigger sizes in Shangrila plaza.
She got 1 each in red, orange & blue to match her bags! YAY!
But ate, surely you’re not thinking of using your nice bags for school??? 1 word -BACKPACK! :P

I wanted her to get other basic colors such as black, brown & beige, but she begged off -saying she doesn’t wanna look like the model/spokesperson wannabe for anthology haha! ;P I do hope that she will be able to find more flats to her liking before the school starts in June. I know I’m pushing my luck here.

Of course when one of my kids buy -the rest are not far behind from bleeding my wallet dry! ;P My Lovey, who is enamored with Kendall & Kylie Jenner of the Kardashians cult, wanted a boat shoe that she saw the siblings wearing in one of their episodes. And of course, her wish is my command. So off we went in search of her coveted boat shoe.

I’m guessing her love affair with TOMS is kaput,
now that her heart beats for Sebago!
I’m afraid she’ll be hinting at other colors soon. @_@
Sebago in Blue/Brown 4,800 php

My babyson on the other hand, was on the lookout for a nice cardigan since it has been raining lately, signaling the start of the rainy season. He found a lovely gray cardi in Zara. Yes, they all set out to destroy me financially! ;))

And just look at MY very special purchase! <3 Ate showed it to me. I fell instantly in love with it..
A babushka doll..
with a twist-on pink blusher! I <3 <3 <3 it!
650 php at The Face Shop.
Isn’t it just darling? :)

And as ate was looking around for lingerie in Velvet Rose, which incidentally has a 50% sale on-going..

I saw these… naughty-naughty! ;))
Hmnnnn.. candy bra & g-string!
As if naman it would fit me -HARHARHAR! :P

All that shopping made us very very hungry. So we had a little snack before going home.

A little snack at Tokyo Tokyo
Budget meal for a very broke mommy haha!
Yummy potato balls 35/order of 5 pcs.
Teriyaki chicken meal 145 php
Maki sampler 275 php
(tempura, american ham, and california maki)
Tempura Maki & Spicy Beef Maki 60 php/order
Rising Sun Burger with Egg 105 php
Cashless but happy shoppers! :)
Choosing their poison..
Happy Lemon Cocoa with Rocksalt & Cheese 99 php each
Went home tired, but happy. What I wouldn’t do for my kids! <3
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