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Shmexy Hair Don’t Care

So, by now I’m sure you’ve been wondering.. WHAT’s WITH THE LONG HAIR? ;)) Well, this is my accidental new look for 2016, hehe.

Ate was cleaning her room & decluttering for the coming new year when she came across this TOKYO POSH artificial hair extension (nope, not made with real hair -synthetic only) in her closet, practically unused. She bought this a while back when she was unhappy with a short haircut. Ate came to my room hoping I’d notice something different about her, posing every which way. Since her hair was already long, of course I didn’t notice anything different until she pointed it out to me plain & simple. “Hindi yung boobs mom!” Naturally inggitera that I am, of course I wanted to try it on. ABA! Naging supah cute ako at nagmukhang bata! ;)) ARBOR ATE!!!


PicMonkey Collage

And thus, the short history of how my new look came to be. Ayaw ko nang tanggalin. Nade-depress ako pag hindi nakakabit ang hair extension ko! ;)) I never leave home without it anymore, kahit na napakasakit at napaka-init. Keri lang. Basta byudipul ako!

Since my hair was colored light brown, and the hair extension a dark brown, parlor agad-agad to remedy the situation.


So. You know you’re REALLY friends when she tells you straight up.. ANG ARTE MO TALAGA GRABE!


New year, new look! Long hair, don’t care. #marina #thenotsolittlemermaid


Because the hair extension is on the expensive side, ayan, ang kawawang anak ko, tagapag-alaga ng buhok ko on top of everything else, hahaha! Suklay & shampoo maya-maya.


Ate got this for around 3k yata? Sulit na sulit though because I’m having SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

I’d grow my hair if I could. The big problem is I can’t. It’s physically impossible as I have very fine, very thin hair. And as soon as I start growing it even to shoulder length, naglalagas at nakakalbo ako huhuhu. Kaya kung mapapansin nyo, lagi akong naka-bob.

So thank you TOKYO POSH for making my dream to be a sirena come true! <3 For now, I’m quite content with the style Ate got. But who knows, baka next month lang, mag-expansion pack na ako, lels.

PicMonkey Collagehair

Aminin nyo na, bagay sakin dibaaaa? ;)


Sorreh. Nagulo at nilipad lang ng hangin. Pramis maayos yan pag bagong suklay! :P

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