Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Right after her debut, ate was feeling a bit melancholy coz she said she was going to miss our “dates” & one-on-one bonding moments. I told her not to worry because there were still a lot more opportunities to come where we can still bond & do stuff together. Her debut wasn’t the end-all! ;))

So when the opportunity came for her to represent her college in a beauty pageant, I asked ate to jump at the chance because it was another mother-daughter experience we could share together.

But more than that, I wanted her to have a boost in her morale. This is so important to me because her self-esteem & worth was badly shattered a while back by people she thought were her friends.

She didn’t come out as the grand winner in the pageant, but she placed nicely & was even genuinely happy to see her friend Annica win the title. Beauty pageants are really not her thing haha. I was soooo nervous for her the whole time because she is a newbie while the others really compete. Mga bihasa na! :)

Statuesque beauties. Annica, Ms. Psychology 5’10”. Jana, Ms. Biology 5’7″

Here are some pictures from the pageant last night. I can never tell you enough just how proud I am of you, ate! <3 You strutted nicely, I just love your bounce & how you carried yourself well. I was also so proud of the way you answered BOTH q&a’s with such confidence & grace under pressure. And so quickly too! For me, you were the brightest & shiniest diamond in the sky! ;)

I am the luckiest, proudest mommy in the whole wide world!!! <3

No amount of glitter can shine the way you do, my sweetheart! <3
Captivating gown by PLUMA.
Creative Wear.. Pisces & Sagittarius

Beautiful evening gown by Pluma.
Understated elegance is what this is.. :)
I nearly fell off my seat when she came out on stage.
Formal Wear. It’s like she’s effortlessly gliding.
I was one VERY proud momma that night! <3
A surprise dip at the end. So unexpected! m/
They had TWO q&a’s. OMG!!! @_@
Ako yung kinabahan in a major major way! But ate really had grace under pressure. She didn’t even look stressed.
Cool as a cucumber, this girl! <3

Q1: Word of the day: Brain”
A2: All of us in the college of Science possess it. We are all intelligent & smart.

Q2: What era do you want to belong to & why
A2: This era. Because there’s no time like the present.

All her answers were short, direct to the point, and witty.
I couldn’t have done better! m/ 

The judges. Alas, there can only be 1 winner in each category..
Best in Creative Wear. Ms. Applied Math as Aries.
In fairness, super bongga naman talaga ang outfit nya! Winner! :)
Best in Formal Gown: Ms. Psychology, Annica.
Her gown really was elegant & the color showed off her mala-procelana skin! :)
Sa (Beauty &) Brains lumaban ang dalaga ko.
Out of 12, she won the Best in Essay: Greatest challenge the youth faces today.
She expounded on peer pressure & the effect it has on the youth.
The top 3 candidates.
At this point, all my nerves were frayed & I was just so happy that she placed!
I felt like fainting already but my dalaga was very calm & collected. Akala mo she’s been doing this all her life! ;P
I’m so very proud of what you have accomplished, my sweetheart! <3
We’re so happy for you, Annica.
You are beauty personified. In & Out.
Thank you for being such a good friend to my Jana throughout the pageant.
You let her feel that you weren’t rivals at all but real friends.
Thank you for that. <3
You have made my Jana’s first plunge into the pageant world VERY fun & relaxed.
Congratulations to all the candidates.
You ALL did a great job!!! m/

Another memorable & wonderful experience tucked under your belt ate! :) Not everyone can join a pageant & emerge victorious. Remember, the world is at your feet. Enjoy it! <3

Thank you Lord! We give You all the glory. Amen <3

1 Thessalonians 5:18

New International Version (NIV)
18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
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