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Shine Bakery and Cafe Revisited

RICHIE was so nice to invite me along to try SHINE BAKERY and CAFE‘s spankin’ new dishes a couple of weeks ago! <3 Of course seeing the candy cutie chef Rob Pengson was a big bonus! Not that Richie isn’t a cutie. OF COURSE HE IS! :)

SHINE BAKERY and CAFE is a bakery and cafe owned by celebrity chef couple Rob & Sunshine Pengson -also of The Goose Station and Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar fame. Our KTG baby, Gio Mangaya-ay a.k.a. The Hungry Giant (who is now not-so-hungry anymore & may just change his blog name to: The Well-fed Giant!) is the pastry chef for Shine Bakery so we we’re mighty proud of him that day as he brought out his sweets & pastries for us to inspect, dissect, & enjoy.


Shine Bakery and Cafe

3/F SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway, McKinley Hill, Taguig (02) 553-6566

The place is patterned after Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory which explains the peppermint tubes going around the restaurant.


Our candy cutie chef ROB PENGSON was sick that day, thus the face mask. How thoughtful of him to not want to infect his guests.


Awwwww.. nagtampo si Kap. Of course you will still be the cutest in my eyes! <3 Walang tatalo sayo! :-*


And even though we were there to try the new dishes, we HAD to have Shine’s all-time favorite & best seller.. the Umami Fries 250 php. Parmesan, sesame nori, Kentucky bourbon aioli.








Thank you Richie for taking us along! :-*




The young but brilliant & talented Chef Gio Mangaya-ay! <3


My absolute favorite:


And Kap’s absolute favorite that day: We really have different tastes. I’m more of a chocolate gal & he’s a vanilla guy. Opposites in every way.


Our dearest Gio, you have most certainly exceeded our expectations! Congratulations to you & SHINE BAKERY and CAFE for the new & exciting, bold & fearless menu. I can’t wait to bring the kids so they can also try your all-new dishes! I know for a fact that they will absolutely LOVE the new dessert selections!

And thank you so much for making our tummies happy & sending us off with big silly grins. This is how you know a foodie brother is feeding you. You walk away smiling.. and burping.. and thinking happy thoughts. Oink, oink, oinking.. all the way home! ;)


And HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY AGAIN TO OUR DEAR LAUREN!!! <3 With love from the Goppets.


PicMonkey Collage

We hope you like your gift! <3 And congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Tales from the Tummy for bringing up such a well-rounded girl.


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