With all the new restaurants booming left & right, sometimes you forget old all-time favorites. One of my OATF is Shakey’s. I L-O-V-E their thin crust crunchy pizza.

So yesterday, after ate got her eyelash extensions re-touched, we had an early supper at Shakey’s. It always amazes me how it’s always full to the capacity while most new restaurants can barely fill half at 5 in the afternoon. And it’s not actually cheap ha, we put in 2k worth for what I call our “normal meal”. More or less what we’d pay for a “non-masa” restaurant. ;)

Complimentary Rootbeer drink from my favorite waiter DANTE.
How nice! <3
Family size Monster Spaghetti 400 php 
which comes with a basket of warm garlic bread. Oh-Em-Gee! <3
Buddy Pack (5 pcs.) Chicken 400 php
Mojos Supreme 320 php 
Grand Slam (4 flavors) 688 php
Boohoo I forgot to mention to Dante that I wanted the Thin Crust version of this.
I got so excited when I saw a picture of this on the menu that I just pointed it out to him, awestruck! :P
I’m STILL craving for a thin crust! @_@
That’s DANTE on the mirror, taking our photo.
He’s super attentive & remembers us each time we visit.
No matter how far apart, he always rushes to us & serves us with bubbly delight.
Do ask for him next time you’re in Shakeys ATC :)

And look who forgot to turn off the hazzard.. my battery drained & our car wouldn’t start. I was really out-of-sorts last week (although sunday actually falls on this week -but I want better vibes THIS WEEK so I’m considering it as last week! :P), I really hope I get it together this week! @_@

Mamang guards to the rescue, hurrah for the very helpful ATC guards! m/
They jumped my batts & we were able to leave after 30 minutes.

I’m so excited for Thursday. Ate is registering for her debut gifts. Do watch out for that! ;)

PS- Hello to my new friend from Raritan, New Jersey! Thank you for taking the time to read my posts -I’ve been seeing you in my feedjit profile on several occasions. Do tell me about yourself, I LOVE (friendly) comments! ;)

And also a shout-out to ERIKA! Hey, it’s ALMOST your BIRTHDAY!!! Love to you, mwah! <3

We got you something from topshop, your favorite store! ;)
Hope you’ll like it.
We love you Erika! :-*
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