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Shaburi Uptown Mall

When Kap went to have his overnight thing with his tennis buds at Casa Cumbre Monte (see previous post), I looked for ways to entertain myself so I don’t miss him too much. I’m used to having my Honey at my beck & call that I sorta get the willies at the thought of not having him near me. #spoiledmommy

My kids are a great source of entertainment, they keep me amused & my mind occupied. So that’s what they did for the weekend. Whatever will I do without my silly little munchkins?


No dull moment whenever I’m with the giblings. ;)


Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City (02) 8052932 ; 0917 708 3930

Shaburi is an all-you-can-(M)eat healthy shabu-shabu brand from Japan that offers unlimited meats, seafood, organic vegetables and a short selection of appetizers, brought in by the Van Straten power couple, Jeroen & Cecile (Chuvaness).


Our first time to go around Uptown Mall in BGC.


We are a family of hotpot lovers and are always on the lookout for new places to try. Perfect opportunity that Sunday morning to try out the newly-opened Shaburi.


As you enter, a long strip of uncooked food items greet you as part of the Shaburi hotpot experience.


Because the 2 girls are pescatareans, we just order the basic. 499 php on a weekday, 599 php on a weekend for the regular shabu featuring pork & beef. All you can (M)eat and then some. ;) We were told that even if you don’t eat meat, there is no option to go without the trays. So Babyson & I got the girls’ portions as well.


It’s a good thing that the buffet included other items on the menu like sushi rolls, cream dory, and assorted veggies for my picky eaters. Kung hindi, wala silang makakain, lol!


Not very happy faces, my bad. :P Sorry kids, bawi nalang si Mommy next time.


The saving grace, this soft serve ice cream which comes in vanilla, chocolate, or combo. I do love soft serve! <3


and maybe this unli Gyudon (photo not mine, I wasn’t able to get any dahil laging ubos huhu). I also love gyudon, too bad I didn’t get to try it that time.

It wasn’t an outstanding lunch, but it wasn’t bad either. You have to understand that when you go to a restaurant with featured promos, you shouldn’t expect too much. So give a wide berth, it’s only fair. ;)

Just one glitch though, I made a reservation through a voice call with a certain JEFF, which I followed up with a text message a day before -Saturday. They replied their confirmation, so I didn’t bother to call again as it was really hard getting through & they sounded harried & grumpy over the phone.

When we got there on Sunday at exactly 1 pm, actually with 5 minutes to spare, they couldn’t find my reservation. So I showed them the text message & the phone logs. They offered to put me on the wait list. I didn’t agree to it on principle. I made a reservation via personal call & text message. I wasn’t willing to wait around for another 30-60 minutes to get a table I had a right to. Besides, we were already so hungry, not having had breakfast before going to church.

So they called this JEFF who approached me with a smile-turned-upside-down & rudely SNATCHED my phone from my hand when I showed him the phone logs & the text message. He frowned, questioned the text message even though it was very obvious, inismiran ako, then umalis at iniwan ako sa ere.  Gasp! He didn’t even bother to admit his mistake or offer an apology, kahit half-hearted man lang sana. I asked for the lady manager but even she seemed clueless on what to do & remained unreactive. Pasensya na po, that’s all they said.

Long story short, someone finally left so we got their table after much hullabaloo. Either: 1) the staff morale is really really low; 2.) the service at Shaburi is really really bad; or 3.) JEFF (or the Manager) probably mouthed us off to the other servers because nobody came to our table, I kid you not. Meron man, another thug-looking server na padabog pa ang service came with the menu, but it took a while before we finally got our orders. The refill Babyson asked for didn’t come, but at that point, we just let it go. I shudder to think what they may or may not have “done” to our food in the kitchen. Wala naman sana.

One other thing, when we asked for water, our grumbling stocky server said it was self-service. Ah, ok. Sorry na pohwz.


I have to give credit where credit is due. One particular server, DAVID, saved the day with his kindness & helpfulness to us even though he was assigned to another table & looked malnourished AF hehe. Oh well, ganyan talaga ang buhay. Charging this to experience nalang.


On a happy note, Chuvaness herself wrote to me & apologized in behalf of her team. Which of course, I really appreciated. I love that she was so humble & thoughtful to even bother with lil ‘ol me.

Shaburi is an OK place if you’re not into a whole bunch of variety & assortments -perfectly happy & content with the limited but filling choices (for short, not takaw-tingin like me haha). Or perhaps if you are more comfy with a smaller crowd (just go on weekdays to avoid the HH aka hungry horde). 499 will definitely get you busog-lusog. :)

But the hullabaloo not withstanding, and this my honest to goodness opinion lang ha, the whole truth & nothing but the truth: I’d take 688 php from Four Seasons Hot Pot than 499 php at Shaburi any day. Yes, 189 php difference but it’s 189 php that’s really value for your money -plus you gotta admit, the choices at Four Seasons Hot Pot are unbeatable.

Anyway, I’m just so happy that our favorite Hot Pot resto will now be closer to home with their opening at SM South Mall. Yehey! Now we can indulge in our favorite hotpot any time, any day! :)

‘Til the next kwentong mula sa puso. Signing out. :-*

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