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Shabu Shabu Shogun

Since I’ve gone on my PALEO MANILA diet 4 months ago due to health reasons , I try to watch what I eat. I  really really do. But most of the time. it’s just so freakin’ hard to be a food blogger with self-imposed restrictions I tell you. PURE TORTURE, seeing & smelling all those yummy food laid out in front of you & you can only LOOK & SMELL.. okay, and take pictures too (to further torment yourself later on while you’re preparing the draft, waaa!). :P

Normally, when it involves lots & lots of rice & pasta, I try to avoid going to food events, unless it’s “work” related -where I actually get compensated to write (few & far between, I assure you). When Richard asked me if I wanted to come along to a newly opened Shabu shabu restaurant, I immediately said YES, with eyes twinkling -and mouth salivating. Because shabu shabu is HEALTHY! Everything is BOILED! <3 Win-win, I CAN EAT EVERYTHING without worrying about my sugar & cholesterol levels woohoo!

Shabu Shabu Shogun

Creekside Mall, Amorsolo St. cor VA Rufino St. 1229 Makati
Operating Hours 12:00pm – 2:00pm, 6:00pm – 11:00pm
Phone (02) 801 1770

Shabu Shabu Shogun is REALLY hard to find, what with its super small signage. It’s beside PHARAOH though, so if you know where that is, it’s easy peasy to find this resto in Creekside Mall.


I love how the servers are dressed in Kimonos & Japanese slippers. As you well know, I’m an attention to detail kinda gal.



Set meals start at 360 php. Really affordable for quality Japanese food, and nice air-conditioned setting.


If like Kap, you’re maganang kumain, then get the All You Can Eat for 1,380 php. Knock yourself out.

SHABU SHABU SHOGUN (not a franchise) just opened a month ago, and it’s not your ordinary shabu shabu place. It’s a JAPANESE restaurant so none of those bola-bola & M.S.G. we’re all so used to in Chinese restos. The soup base used is clean & pure, borderline bland. So the 3 kinds of sauces are its saving grace. Or, you can opt for the Sukiyaki version for a tastier soup base.

But again, and as usual, I’m getting ahead of my story, forgive the excitement.

As soon as we were complete, one of the 3 owners, the only Filipino –Lucas “Luke” Britanico gave a brief introduction on what Shabu Shabu (and shogun) means. Shabu-shabu means “swish swish”, the action done when cooking the ingredients in a hotpot (pretend you’re holding a pair of chopsticks and writing an inverted 8 in the air). Shogun, on the other hand, means “chief warrior”. Sorta like the guy sitting on top of the carabao below… swishing his way around Manila. ;)


Yeah, this handsome guy is also funny too, as you can see.

He also taught us the proper way of eating shabu shabu: First, you dip the meat – or vegetables, either in sukiyaki sauce or kombu dash (KELP SOUP) broth. Next, take the second dip on your small bowl of beaten eggs & sauce, then pair the meat or veggies with steaming Japanese rice or udon noodles (which of course I steered clear of). Eat and enjoy.

The Japanese believes in keeping things simple, especially in cooking. Like I said, because it’s so simple, there is no broth really except for the boiling water (with a bit of kelp) in which you cook your meet & veggies. So the sauces are really what makes it all so interesting. And Shogun came up with 3 sauces, each representing the 3 owners.

Yosuke Boingo Kawada, the Chairman & one of the Japanese partners, is quite dark for a Japanese. So the the black sauce represents him. Lucas, a Filipino with light brown skin tone, is represented by the peanut sauce. Lastly, Susumu Sakai, the last Japanese partner, gets the spicy sauce for his interesting name when said in Filipino (su-su). Rated R, I know! :P What funneh guys, these three!


I mixed all 3 and I like the combination.


Since Kap & I chose the healthier shabu shabu, RICHARD & IRENE chose the Sukiyaki version for a variety. And so we can take more photos of the food. But actually, there are only 2 versions for now. And 2 kinds of meat to choose from, Beef (which is what Kap & I had), and Pork. That’s basically it. No seafood. Oh, and a choice between udon (noodles) or rice.


Special selected Beef 150 g. set 550 php. Not bad. Extra plate of veggies 90 php. Kap is digging this place already.



Special selected Pork 150 g. set 520 php.




Kap swoosh-swooshed it a bit. ;) Of course he is the designated cook. Because I’m spoiled. And that’s how we roll. He cooks, I eat. Which is also why there’s more of me to love. :P Can you spot the kelp?


Richard also swoosh-swooshed! Irene joined in. Meanwhile, I watched and learned. For future reference. Far, distant future.


Our shabu-shabu with kelp broth. Very light, bordering on bland. So the tasty & flavorful sauces really made a big impression.


Their Sukiyaki hot plate. The next time we’ll go for the tastier sukiyaki version.


The happy bunch. That’s Mr. Yosuke Boingo Kawada in black, standing on the far end. He’s been very helpful & accommodating during our entire stay, seeing to our every need. We were very humbled with his kindness.


Sandwiched between The Plump Pinays, Danah & Stacy. Both bold, both beautiful, both Fab. Syempre, ako din. <3 Sali ako.

Thank you so much SHABU SHABU SHOGUN, the first authentic Japanese shabu-shabu restaurant in the metro, for having us over. For healthy, guilt-free mess, I now have a go-to restaurant in Makati. Hooray!

Many thanks to The Plump Pinays for the invite, and to RICHARD for, as always, taking us along. :-*

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