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I always encourage the kids to shop & buys gifts for each other during special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. It’s been pretty easy for a while back then, but when my kids began developing their own fashion taste & identity, buying stuff for them meant either a Make or Break. It’s 1.) they would love & wear the gift (slim chance), or 2.) “it goes on the garage sale pile unused” (more often than not).

So to prevent heartache all around, the 2 kids decided to just take their Ate shopping for a birthday gift. This way she can choose. And she is a very choosy gal with so very high & meticulous standards. I wonder whose fault that is! ;P

The sibs took her to an upscale mall but alas, she didn’t find anything to her liking. Someone did though.. can you guess who???


Roshe Runs at GREYONE SOCIAL in Greenbelt 5 where most of the limited editions shoes can be found.

We’ve visited just about every store from Greenbelt 1-5 and that was quite a long walk, lemme tell you! Still she didn’t find anything she wanted as a gift. Me thinks this girl already has everything! :P So we just had dinner at a restaurant of their choice. Naturally, they went for Japanese. Again. Did I really even have to think long & hard for that? It’s SO obvious.

I’ve been to NIHONBASHITEI more often that I liked in a month, so to mix it up a bit, I suggested SERYNA. To read my previous post on Seryna, CLICK HERE.

Seryna Japanese Restaurant, Little Tokyo

2277 Chino Roces Ave.Legazpi Village, Makati(02) 894-3855



Compli veggies kept our hunger at bay.


I was catatonic with hunger at this point so Ate took charge and ordered up a storm.


Tako Wasabi. Okay, I really thought this would be the cooked version. Ew. No. PASS on the slime, thanks!



Spicy Hamachi (yellow tail) 480 php.


Spicy Maguro (tuna) 260 php.


Katsudon Maki


Ebi Tempura 5 pcs. 270 php, and Ika Tempura 180 php.


I’m happiest when I have all 3 with me. <3


Ebi Chili Sauce 380 php.


Became an instant favorite.


Gyudon (beef) 320 php.


My babyson, badly in need of a haircut. :P Henyway, papasang Hapon, diba?


Katsu Don (pork) 320 php.


As always, playing safe with her food choice. :)

We hied off to Century City Mall’s Hole in the Wall food court before coming to Seryna. We thought it’d already be open to the public & we planned on having dinner there. Unfortunately, only GREEN CHEESE was open for business, which we quickly took advantage of, and bought our yummy, light ‘n fluffy, Japanese cheesecake for dessert! <3

PicMonkey Collage

Located at the 4th floor of the Century City Mall, The Hole in the Wall is now the latest “IN” place to be! It’s similar to TODD ENGLISH FOOD HALL in concept. That’s ABET of The Food Alphabet beside me. One of the nicest, kindest Blogger out there, I promise. He’s like a long lost brother and I love him dearly.


This happy cheesecake is so light & fluffy, there’s no other way you’d be but happy! <3 Comes in Green Tea Cheesecake variant. 350 php. I’ve put my first happy cheesecake in the ref before & have forgotten it for a few days. But when I remembered to unearth it, the consistency & texture remained the same. Not dry at all. \m/

With the rate things are going, and with their undying love for Japanese food, we really need to be on the lookout for new ones. I like discovering new places & trying them out with the fambam. Any suggestions please? :)

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