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Sen Lek Thai Noodles

Si Kap, wala talaga akong bilib pag nagyaya kumain sa labas. I have like, ZERO faith in him when it comes to eating out, coz I know it’s gonna be somewhere.. you know, SKETCHY! :P So when he kept asking us if we wanted to eat Thai for dinner one night, I didn’t pay much attention because 1.) It’s SO unlike him to initiate a food trip -AND PAY! 2.) It’s SO unlike him to crave for anything! So I checked immediately if he had a fever. Something was NOT right in his world.

Since lunchtime, he had been asking if we wanted to eat Thai. And I KNOW him. He only eats either Filipino food, Chinese food, or Japanese food. In that order. Ano itong Thai-Thai na sinasabi nya??? #kaloka

So to satisfy my curiosity about this Thai place that he speaks highly of, I huddled the kids and off we went with their father to who knows where. Basta somewhere in Paranaque daw. Ohhh I said. I knew it. So hindi na ako nag-kilay at lipstick! :P

We ended up here. In SEN LEK THAI NOODLES. I wasn’t very hopeful, in all honesty. Feel ko diet ako that night. Boy, was I wrong. As soon as I tried the magic kangkong & the enchanted tokwa, I knew my acid reflux was gonna kill me that night. ANG SARAP! (Ok maybe not 5-star sarap but definitely not the cheap kind either. It was more than palatable.) Kailangan ng extra rice. Def!

The 2 dishes that made me a believer that night. Pwedeng balk-balikan..


Pak Bung Fai Dang 80 php. Flaming fried kangkong. If only I knew it was just 80 php/order I would have asked for more. I LOVED IT! <3



Tao Hu Phad Prik 100 php. Stir-fried tofu.

So I said to him. Vetsin yan. And he guffawed. Pang-chinese food lang daw ang vetsin. Really? I didn’t know that. :P

Sen Lek Thai Noodles 

2nd Floor, Santana Grove, Dr. A. Santos Ave. Sucat (Beside Shopwise)
Parañaque (02) 506 0055



Welcome to Sen Lek Thai Noodles. :)



She says: Ay ma’am, no no.. Me (bubble thought) ooops, too late. :P




Kap: Dito sweetheart, malamig. Ay hindi dito, dito. Mas malamig.. Oh Kap my Kap! Always thoughtful of my needs. :)



Thod Mun Kung 120 php. Shrimp Cake.



Phad Thai. With egg 100 php. With chicken 130 php. With shrimp 150 php.



Phad See Uw 120 php. Stir-fried noodles in special sauce. With chicken. We all liked this better than the regular Phad Thai above.



I don’t know what this beef dish is called, and it’s not listed on the online menu either, but it’s also good.



Thai Fried Chicken (spicy) 120 php.



Thai Fried Chicken 120 php.



Sen Lek Fried Rice. 250 php.



Khao Kluk Kapi 130 php. Thai Bagoong Rice with pork, egg, mango.



Bright yellow light inside Sen Lek Thai Noodles. Thus the hepatitis skin color. One thing though, the acoustics inside is REALLY bad. As in terrible, horrible. The 2 kids behind us were crying most of the time & the parents just let them be. They sounded like resounding gongs. Now THIS is the price you have to pay when you want to eat cheap. :P



Mango sticky rice 90 php.

The pictures above may not look appetizing. But believe me, ubos lahat. And the best thing? Our bill was only 1.8k Kap was smiling from ear to ear. Ano daw ang sinabi ng Benjarong. Oh em. I almost fell from my chair. Honey, MADAMI ok! Madaming sinabi ang Benjarong. Please.

Nakalusot ka na this one time. Huwag O.A., huwag abusado, at lalong wag feeler! It was ‘Ayt. Yun na yun. Pero hindi Benjarong levelz noh! :P


But seriously Honey. I love you dearly for all that you are, all that you have been, and all you’re yet to be. Happy 29th Anniversary! <3


From 16 when we first met, to 25 when we finally got married, and now at 46.. Ikaw pa rin ang aking iibigin. Kahit pumuti na ang buhok ko! :)


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