Secret Sale

Topshop sent me a text message yesterday regarding a secret sale. Secret AND sale, 2 words that I could never ever pass up, haha!

Naturally, I forwarded the message to my ate. And NATURALLY, she wanted to go! @_@

So today, since she was half-day in school, I decided to make it a “mommy & me” day for her..

Curlashing.. a must on every shopping spree! ;P

Dress that caught our eyes.
My ate likes quirky dresses that scream, ATTENTION ME! ;))
Shirts for my babyson.. 50% off! m/
Of course I also needed to buy something for the not-so-little munchkins!
and new pink spiked shoes for my green-eyed Lavinia! ;))
Regular priced, but too good to pass up.
I hope you like this, Lovey! <3
Done with her shopping, we went to pay..
and SURPRISE! Ate got to pick a prize from the treasure chest! <3 
Please be the lucky one, please be the lucky one! ;)
Ate wins a topshop make-up! a pink BLUSH worth 500 php!
So what’s the secret about the sale, you ask? It’s the 20% off on regular items if you show them the text message. (25% if you use the topshop/robinson’s credit card). And I’ll tell you another secret.. if you make several transactions (instead of just 1 -like us, sigh), you get more chances of picking a prize from the treasure chest. @_@

Moving on. I’ve been reading posts about The Cake Club left & right. So when I found out that they had a branch in rockwell, nothing & no one can stop me from going there. Unfortunately, they didn’t serve lunch. So we went to Shi Lin across to eat something solid first. Solid before sinful, that’s my motto.

House Tea 40 php
Century Egg 95 php 
Spicy Jelly Fish 105 php
Spicy Shrimp & Pork Dumpling (6 pcs.) 125 php
Xiao Long Bao (10 pcs.) 230 php
Their servings are really small, so you have to sorta order quite a lot to get full.
Rice Shrimp 118 php 
The new blogger <3
Taking pictures for her diary written just for me.
Shrimp Pork Siomai (6 pcs.) 165 php
Salt & Pepper Squid 289 php
Surprisingly full at 12 noon
Dumpling with hot steamy soup inside.
Burned ate’s tongue! :(
The off we went to try the infamous Cake Club. The one in rockwell is really just a stall. If you want the full dessert buffet experience, go to the one in Diamond Hotel.

So excited to try the very elaborate macarons! ;) 
Aren’t they just oh so pretty? <3
So many choices.. 
What’s inside!
Pink: lychees, raspberries, cream
Green: strawberries & cream 
After dessert, ate had to change to her uniform.
Back to school mode! :(
It’s unbelievable how quite a lot of money buys only 1 measly shopping bag.
And most of it is on SALE! @_@
Alas, our quick date was over just like that *fingers snapping*, and I had to bring ate to school. Time flies quickly when you’re having fun -and I certainly enjoyed our girly time together. How I wish we had more date & less school, teehee! ;P
and after several hours- Hello. I like hello much better! <3 
Ate finally got her I.D.
and so did I haha.
We really are soul sisters! ;)

Ate, thank you so much for a super fun date -I know you had to miss something-or-another because you went on a date with me. I love spending time with you. And whadya know..

Don’t worry Lovey, you’ll come with us next time! :)


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