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Seattles Best: Javakulas

I’m a coffee person. Hot or cold, I’m in. So when I took on the Paleo Manila challenge, my first & foremost concern was.. CAN I STILL HAVE MY COFFEE??? My friends from PM told me that although coffee is pre-agriculture & definitely NOT PM-friendly, they don’t see how it would hurt as long as I take it in moderation. And definitely in lieu of the soda & bottled juice beverages I’ve been gulping down by the gallon.

So story cut short, YAY! My love affair with coffee continues. I can do away with many things, but coffee is definitely not one of them. :P

While I’ve always preferred the strong, basic kind -black, the kids LOVE Seattle’s Best ice-blended JAVAKULAS. First of all, they like it because it’s cold! Which is perfect for the Manila weather. They are forever on the prowl for iced beverages so the ice-blended version is just perfect for them.


What is a Javakula coffee?

Javakula is a coffee drink made by Seattle’s Best Coffee. It was launched in May 12, 2003 at SBC cafes throughout North America. JavaKula’s flavors include: Creme Caramel, Chocolate, Double Mint Chocolate Chip, and Vanilla Coffee. ChaCha on!

But recently, they just came out with NEW EXCITING FLAVORS!!! Peppermint Pot, Strawberry Fields & Sea Salt Caramel. <3


javakulas new,

Trivia: Did you know that Seattle hasn’t always been the center of the coffee universe. In fact, they used to serve as much bad coffee as the rest of the U.S. country. This began to change in the early ’70s, when their founder bought a secondhand peanut roaster and started roasting Arabica coffee at the Wet Whisker on Seattle’s Pier 70. His personal tastes in coffee were simple—he wanted it to be bold and full-flavored, but also smooth and mellow. So that’s how he roasted and blended his coffee—bold and smooth. After the coffee craze took off in Seattle, a local restaurant held a taste-off among the major roasters to crown “the best cup of coffee in Seattle.” Much to their delight, their coffee took first place. To celebrate the occasion, they changed their name to Seattle’s BEST Coffee. Today, good coffee is fashionable everywhere, but SBC still believes that their customers prefer their because of its Uncommonly Smooth taste.


peppermint pot

PEPPERMINT POT JAVAKULA. (Chocolate) Dirt never tasted this good! ;P

strawberry fields

STRAWBERRY FIELDS JAVAKULA. It’s like walking through an infinite patch of fresh strawberries and enjoying first pick!


SEA SALT CARAMEL JAVAKULA. The relaxing feeling of sitting at the beachfront will resonate in every sip of SBC’s SEA SALT CARAMEL.


The good news:


SBC System-Wide B1G1 2014 Hi-Res,

Available at these SEATTLE’s BEST outlets:

SBC GREENBELT 3. Greenbelt 3, G/F Ayala Center, Makati City 757-4122/ 757-4123

SBC BONI HIGH ST. Bonifacio High Street City Center Quadrant 3, 9th Avenue, Global City Taguig City
856-4527/ 856-4528

SBC FILINVEST Festival Mall, 3/L Commerce Ave., Filinvest Corporate City Alabang, Muntinlupa City 771-0628

SBC CALTEX-SLEX CALTEX SLEX- Southbound Mamplasan, Laguna  (049) 844-4070

SBC VALERO Unit G2 Ponte Salcedo 120 Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City 840-0488/89

SBC Fishermall Upper Basement Roosevelt Ave. cor. Quezon Ave. Quezon City

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