Seafood Island

One night a week, my Hunny pie goes off to his weekly tennis habit so the kids & I are free to do whatever we want. Last night, we tried the newly opened Blackbeard’s Seafood Island restaurant!

Here are some of our photos:

Their happy faces made the loooooooooooooooooonngg wait worth it! :)
They call this a CABOODLE, how cute! :)
This comes in 2 sizes, the medium (3-4) which was 800php and the large (6-8) 1,200php
We got the medium size since we also wanted to try out other items on their menu.
I ordered an extra seafood platter from the menu because we are HEAVY EATERS! @_@
And true enough, my baby son gobbled everything up! ;))
I also got this veggie appetizer 200php (complete with bagoong) for me, yummmm!!! <3
The caboodle came with just one piece of a quarter chicken, which went to my baby girl..
and a stick of barbecue which my baby son shared with his 2 siblings.
We capped off our dinner with this dessert called 2ND FLOOR, i don’t know why!
It’s not even 2 layers, haha! :P
Okay, I know I’m mareklamo, but this time I had good reason to naman. We waited 40 minutes for our food to come. I guess because everything was IHAW, so if you do go to this restaurant, be prepared to wait! The food was okay, it’s the presentation that blew us away, the special attention to detail. The cooking was inihaw so i can only compare it to the inihaw we have at home, nothing spectacular. So if you do order, get the picture worthy items on the menu so you don’t get disappointed. ;P
On our way to the car, we passed by GOLDEN SPOON, so naturally, my baby girl just had to have some (because kuya ate the ice cream that was included in our dessert!) @_@

We all went home full & happy! <3
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