School Life

If only their school had better teachers (and air-conditioned rooms would be REALLY nice so my kids aren’t so stinky all the time, hehe!), it would have been the perfect school.. sigh!

I like how the kids are exposed to social & artsy skills. Just the other day, my babyson was making sock puppets for his “students”. He was assigned to teach lower-year kids art this time, so we went to the mall to buy materials for the sock puppet. Too bad I didn’t get to take a picture of his sample art work! :( I was able to take a pic of this, though.. his school project!

Epal ate, hahaha! ;P
At my mom’s. Doing their HW. Gotta get them a proper HW table soon. Kawawa!

All my kids are so artistic!!! I think they learn this from school!
Certainly not from me, haha!

Yesterday, my Lovey had a literary presentation. She is painfully shy, so I’m glad for school activities such as this which takes her out of her shell…

Backstage, getting ready…
My lovey’s class composed of grades 4, 5 & 6 kids.

My lovey as a tree haha! <3
The grade 6 class..
3 of her classmates play the guitar. Here they are singing “firework” by Katy Perry.

With 2 of her old besties who are moving school next year boohoo!!!
My lovey will need to step up & find new “homies” again!!! </3
But I wish they would still have playdates. Just like..
Her old childhood bffs.
Maxine has already transferred.
But I’m so glad they have reconnected!!! <3

I just wish there would be more students. They have so limited choices for friends as it is. But I try to look at the brighter side of things.. experiences (good or bad) will make them tougher & better prepared for the big bad world out there. I just need to equip them with an armor & shield and pray that God will always give them wisdom in dealing with situations beyond my control. Life & it’s complex dramas… sigh!

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